Fastest ever tab/yomp time in MPH ? list yours!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fishfinger, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. I was just wondering what the fastest ever tab/yomp on recorded MPH was.

    What are the PARA and Marine records for it, (i gather paddy doyle is no longer the record holder?)
  2. and Is 8 mph a fast tab?
  3. Eight miles in under two hours, cross country round the back of Vimy Barracks back in 92. In the middle of a fucking blizzard and trudging through two feet of snow.

  4. Can you define 'tab' and 'yomp'?
  5. YOMP = your old mothers pace
  6. I believe that almost everyone has achieved at least a 4 MPH tab, probably once a year.
  7. Yes.....a 'yomp' is 3/4's of a tab at half the speed.
  8. The fastest TAB I ever did was a mile in 2 minutes up Queen's Avenue, carrying a Burton's tailor's dummy whilst a fat youth trailed far behind shouting 'Come back you thieving bastard'

    The second fastest was a Regal King Size in under 15 seconds whilst waiting to be sentenced.
  9. 8 miles in 1hr 12 mins, followed by a brecon 2 miler 14 min 15 secs, needles to say our pti (who shall remain nameles) was a sadistic soab who later went on to join the maniacs from brecon, that was in my younger days now i can do 8 miles in 8 mins, the wonders of vehicular technology lol
  10. 45 miles, umpteen thousand feet of vertical, 65lbs, 14 1/2 hours (on a double bag ration)

    Not me, of course, but some hunky Royal Marine chappy way up ahead.... must have smelled the barn.
  11. Was that before or after you had to walk to school as well. ;-)
  12. Is that taken with or without water?
  13. Without. Yeeha.
  14. How about fastest time in full EOD kit?

  15. From JJH:
    "Was that before or after you had to walk to school as well. ;-)"

    Nope, I will bite though. It was as part of my so-called trained soldier week run from 8 Signal Regiment in Vimy Barracks - (or Cockroach Central as I call it). I think it was called the ICFT at the time, and as I said, it was in the middle of a blizzard. The DS kept us waiting about three hours deciding whether or not to go ahead with the thing as the weather was so shitty, and had sent out a Land Rover over the route to check it out, which promptly got bogged down. We got turfed out anyway, needless to say.
    Coldest I have ever been this side of Redford Cavalry Barracks.