Faster Web Browser - Apple for Win XP/Vista

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gunny Highway, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Yeah me too. It looks pretty and works quickly.

    Downside - some of the HTML on my website behaves differently than in MSIE or Firefox. It's also crashed a couple of times when accessing a password protected site. Not too keen on the way it displays bookmarks either. But despite that I'll be using it as my default browser from now on.
  2. Fast , very fast. Now looking at ways of changing the appearance , as the cold grey browser bar isn't that appealing.
  3. I'm finding a few things that need attention but I'm sure the developers at Apple will address seeing as it's still at beta version. I had the same problem with the password protected sites plus my own IE favorites are managed in folders and these weren't migrated across to Safari. On the whole, I'm extremely impressed with the speed of it. ARRSE page loading is significantly noticeable. I'm on a 2meg line and I get so frustrated sometimes with the speed of IE (not withstanding the usual bottlenecks associated with broadband at peak times).

    I was never really interested in Apple (the machines or OP system) but now I'm slowly becoming a fan.
  4. Just discovered another problem with Safari for Windows. It won't work with my online banking or PayPal accounts.

    So it's back to MSIE 7 until Safari is further developed. Hopefully it will still be as fast once it's fully functioning.
  5. Got some way to go it would seem. On my system (Vista64 Ultimate) i get empty placeholders, no address bar, the search graphic and active field don't align, and it sometimes goes for desktop composition, sometimes not.

    Bizarrely, it runs quite well on Win2kpro on a Virtual machine within Vista

    Does the icon remind anyone of the old Netscape Navi one?
  6. The font smoothing is terrible, really lets it down.
  7. Stick with Firefox, faster than IE, better for browsing and more secure.
  8. It's still in beta version.