Faster running?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by squirt, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. I am currently on tour in Bosnia and have, since I arrived, been working hard in the gym, concentrating mainly on my running. I did a BPFA on Saturday and managed 10 mins 49 secs. In the three years of PT that I have done in the Army so far, I have never achieved a BPFA in under 11 minutes, so I find it funny that a month of doing my own phys has taken over half a minute off of my last BPFA time! :D

    Anyway, getting to the point - whilst I have been here, I started out doing weekly fartlek sessions, a few fat burners and a few all out sessions on the treadmill each week. Then, after consultation with a PTI, I did 4 or 5 20-30 minute runs a week, at 70% my maximum heart rate along with two early morning circuits during the week and two weights circuits. I have trained every day since I've been here and despite what I'd like to think, I'm sure I won't be spending as much time in the gym as I have done here, mainly because the gym at camp is pants and I'll (hopefully!) have more of a social life back home. I still really want to keep my fitness up and keep reducing my mile and a half run time, instead of allowing it to creep back up to the eleven minute mark, but I'm pretty sure that two sessions a week PT aren't going to do this for me. I've really enjoyed the benefits of all the phys while I've been out here (and the not drinking has probably helped!) and would like to keep it up as much as possible and would like to know what and how much I need to do to sustain and improve on what I've achieved so far. Has anyone any ideas on a simple training programme I can stick to when I get back to the UK?

    Thanks for your help guys! :wink:
  2. I know it sounds AWFUL, but not drinking really does help... If you want to improve your BPFA score, why not try hill sprints alongside your fartleks? They really helped me before my comissions board. I've been working over in the states for the last 2.5 months and have been training almost every day, my BPFA has gone from a 11:45 a year ago, to a 10:30 a few months ago, and as of last week, 9:25, which for a former fat c*nt is alright.

    Personally I lengthened ny running to not less than an hour, I know it sounds heavy but once you're fit enough to run for this time then its not so bad (also having a stand up comedy routine on your mp3 player helps!) So I'm running about 7-8 miles in an hour (not a blinding pace), combining that with 14 mile bike rides....once you've increased your cardio capability start training for the BPFA.

    Just in your head tell yourself....ITS ONLY A MILE AND A HALF.....once you get to the end you stop- so why not run yourself ragged? After long runs, bikes etc you'll find that a quicker pace (or lengthier strides in my case) won't be as difficult.

    crack on!

  3. Let me guess, squirt, Female Clerk?
  4. Well I am female, so you're half right..
  5. Don't you get about half an hour to do the BFT?

    As a bloke: if you've never been able to do it in 10 and a half minutes then you wouldn't have even have passed. Equal standards, my arrse.

    What trade, prey tell?
  6. Lol, not quite an hour and a half, StabTiffy2B.. we get thirteen minutes. I'd like to be able to pass the blokes' minimum standards, I don't have any problems with sit ups or press ups, but I'm still working on my running.

    I am a Spec Op in the Royal Signals StabTiffy2B.
  7. It probably comes from sitting in a darkened room, eating pies and computer geeking it, then. You'll probably find that your running improves if you actually go outside and do some running, rather than playing Olympics 1988 on your Commodore 64.

    Unless the sun hurts your eyes, that is :D
  8. Cheers for the advice mate, but I haven't actually done any trade work since training so it can't be that! :wink:
  9. No need to state the obvious. You're in the sigs, so working is bad for promotion. You're probably a Stripey by now anyway.

    Medically downgraded? Sh@gging the Boss? Too incompetent for the Sigs (is that possible)?

    It's always something with Army women. :wink:
  10. I was shocked in circuit training the other day when we had a forfeit of 3 press ups and this chick did them on her knees. FOR 3 PRESS UPS!!! Unbelievable.

    Anyway, we're not all completely incompetent, StabTiffy2B, but I see where you're coming from! :wink: I don't suppose you've actually got any advice on my original topic of conversation? Or would it just involve telling me to stop eating pies? :p :D
  11. Swallow, Take it up the sh1tter and perform ass to mouth. If that dosen't work, then try running faster.
  12. Cheers for your help! :D
  13. I hope to get this back on track in a meaningful manner.

    1 word (three times)


    You can have a training programme but if you don't stick to it, what's the point.

    If the allure of a bevvy session is more appealing that the 5 miler that your timetable tells you to do then you're going to fail.
    The amount of times that I played duty driver to my pals as they went on the urine on a saturday night because I had a 20 miler to fit in the morning because I was training for a marathon still make me weep - but you've got to do it.
    The easiest thing in the world is starting a programme, the hardest is keeping it going.
    You will get out of bed early and look out of the window and it will be p*ssing it down and the temptation to dive back under the duvet for an extra half hour will be there - resist and you have a chance, once you've stopped training then starting again will be even harder.

    Your training will be geared around what you are trying to do, if you want to get a better time on your BFPA then it will be short and furious. If you want to progress into better things then the PTI who helped you in your first post has given you some good advice. Try and build on it.

    That's my advice, given from what I know of you - good luck, it will be worth it in the end. You might have noticed that lot's of people will try and make fun of you - ignore them and go your own way.
  14. Cheers Whistler. Am off to see the PTI again midweek to update my training programme for the remainder of my time here.. I'll ask him for more information on continuation training at home. Thanks again.. any more info would be much appreciated! :)
  15. If it's just your mile and a half time your worried about i find that interval training helps a lot, when mixed with regular running.
    For the mile and a half you should be looking at doing 800m intervals for best results i think, about 6 reps at the same speed as your first.