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Faster discharge

I have a heard a rumour that there is a way that you can sign off and be out of the Army giving less than 12 months notice.

I know you can already apply to your unit CO etc but this is apparently a relatively new thing.

Can anybody point me towards some sort of documentation on this so I can see for myself and actually sound like I know what I'm talking about when I get asked?

Any help much appreciated.

MrHappy said:
Sorry, you muppets must have not read between the lines. Any genuine help much appreciated. My mistake
I did read between the lines, and seeing you claim to be senior clerk I thought it must be a windup. You're not very good at your job are you?
Technically, there is now a legal requirement for a notice period to be "reasonable" and there have been cases where notice periods in excess of 3 months have been ruled unenforceable (especially as there is rarely negotiation around these.)

Last time I checked, there had been no test case against the MOD (any of the services) but there is awareness in the darkest recesses of the hierarchy that they may well lose any such case therefore there is now a degree of flexibility, especially if you can show that you have a job to go to with a start date (although that'sa bit of a Catch-22) or another really good reason (spouse emigrating with children :) - although you may want to stay).

Hence it is done by individual negotiation ...

I'm not SPS and definitely not an RAO so I'll shut up now.
Just log on to JPA and click the 'Apply for early termination'. It then asks you when you want to get out, you put the date in, it goes up for authorisation and your off.

Simple really.

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