Fast tracked at Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Toe-Mass, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. First of all this post is NOT about HRH Prince William but about whether it is actually possible to be fastracked at Sandhurst. Does anybody know of this happening before?
    The People

    January 15, 2006, Sunday

    Top Gun Wills is Star Recruit; He's Set To Over Take Harry After Sandhurst Triumphs Royal Exclusive

    CRACKSHOT Prince William is the star recruit at Sandhurst after beating scores of other cadets on the rifle range.

    He also left them standing in gruelling cross-country runs.

    Senior officers are so impressed with the Top Gun royal after just seven days that they plan to fast-track his training.

    It would put him level with younger brother Harry, who started at the Army's elite academy in Berkshire a year ago.

    Fellow recruits jokingly dubbed William, 23, His Royal Hot Shot when he showed his skills blasting cut-out figures.

    An insider said: "He has made a brilliant start. He got a very high score. William also came first in a four-mile cross-country run on the second day.

    "It was a surprise even to him because he did not think his stamina was a its best. He also did a long run with a heavy backpack, climbing obstacles, and was in the top two or three."

    The source added: "William has done very well on academic tasks as well so there is discussion about him being fast-tracked to a more advanced level of officer training. The top two or three new cadets can be moved on if they impress.

    "William is certainly doing that - and he could catch up with Harry."

    William's course lasts 44 weeks so in theory he could be in action in Iraq or other hot spots by the end of the year. But that might lead to clashes between Top Brass and the Palace.

    Wills - who liked to dress in a Parachute Regiment uniform when he was four - is already popular with other recruits.

    But there are snags. He is embarrassed that his short Army haircut exposes his baldspot. For six weeks he won't be able to see girlfriend Kate Middleton.

    And he has been sleeping on the floor after 5.30am alarm calls failed to rouse him from bed.
  2. Hmm, I've never heard of it in "peacetime". I thought the whole of the factory was a process which you have to live through and have the experience, not just get the ticks in the boxes!

    He won't get as much respect if he does and if I was harry then I'd be pretty p1ssed too!!
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I'm trying to think if he will have gotten on the range yet, he's only been there 2 weeks and I'm sure we hadn't finished our basic weapon drills by then, so I don't think he will have gotten onto the range yet.

    So how did he get great results?

    Anyone back me up on my timings here?

  4. Pure Fiction.

    No one gets moved up ever. There is only downward mobility at Sandhurts

    Not sure at this stage they've completed the "sling lesson 7" let alone been on the ranges.

    My money's on Harry to be the better soldier, he may be gwar but he likes a pint and he's a bit punchy on the pish.
  5. I was tempted to answer each of the People's comments but that would waste bandwidth - if you consider that there isn't a single true statement in the entire article other than the fact he is at Sandhurst then that should give you some indication of the fast-tracking possible at RMAS.

    The only upwardly mobile Officer Cadets are the ones being flicked over Old College by a pace stick up the nose.
  6. Toe-Mass, That answers your question.

    Two bits of comment/advice:

    1) The papers haven't got a scooby. Really. They just latch onto something interesting, then embellish at will.

    2) Don't discuss serving soldiers by name on this site. It is against the policy and you wouldn't like it ;)
  7. Hi - fair comment about discussing serving soldiers by name however I was just quoting the article - anyways, I thought it sounded a little bit improbable!
  8. Thought Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was in Camberley - Surrey? (Or am yet again geographically embarrassed?)

  9. being a crackshot is hardly surprising when your hauled up shooting grouse etc, being fast tracked? nothing would surprise me, after all, they give royalty medals for simply being able to wipe their own arrse's dont they?
  10. CC_TA,

    RMAS grounds stradle Berks and Surrey, however its postal address is Camberley, Surrey. To confuse matters there is a town called Sandhurst in Berkshire.
  11. What a dreadful article. It starts off saying that he is going to be fast tracked, then goes on to say that his course will last 44 weeks. Which one is it?

    And which one of the other cadets is wacky enough to call him "His Royal Hot Shot"? Perhaps one who works for a stinking tabloid and has never actually been to Sandhurst, save to stand at the gates and gaze in.
  12. "I don't believe it!"
  13. Is there any mileage in a whole bunch of people writing to the Press Complaints Commission (if one exists) and demanding the newspaper come clean that it is all fiction?
  14. The Mirror is clearly slipping - usualy they have some fake phots to go with their fake stories!
  15. What utter drivel that so called "paper" peddles.

    As Blackadder said "soft, stong and thoroughly absorbant".