Fast Track Basic Training.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TriggerScotty, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. I have just rejoined the army after 6 years. When I did my basic training 6 years ago I got medically discharged at week 13. I have basically completed all my training. Now I'm back in basic currently on week 2 and realy bored as I still remember everything I wad tought. Is there any way of being fast tracked to a later week? I don't want to skip everything just get to a point where I can test all my skills again, like exercise halfway.
  2. 1. How exactly does this fit in with the site issues section? (now been moved, was originally in the wrong place)
    2. Man up and use your experience to really shine this time round, or alternatively go and ask the DS and be told to do one. Even rejoiners who've completed everything would probably have to start again after 6 years out.

  3. Use your prior experience to help the rest of your platoon through the first 13 weeks, help them with ironing, inspections, hospital corners, bulling boots etc

    If you don't, your platoon staff will see you are the biggest jack twat in NATO and more importantly, the other blokes on your course will do everything to **** you over when you go into the unknown for you that is week 14 onwards....

    Balls in your court....
  4. So you failed basic training (albeit to injury), took 6 yrs to re enlist, were told at the careers office you'd have to re do basic, now whine about having to do it again?

    Fast track to Ex wk? Why are you special?

    Good attitude.
  5. Seconded.
    Plus, guys on here aren't too impressed with your question and the attitude attributed along with it. I expect that the training staff would mirror their lack of approval!
  6. There is a little known clause for cases like this. Only the RSM of your establishment can authorise the fast track of a recruit, but he needs to know that you are capable of keeping up with the more advanced class. This could include a rigourous test of your skills, individually.

    Write ALL of your skills, experience and reasons why you should be fast tracked, and then march your self to the Guardroom. Slam your heels smartly to attention outside, and march in. Request to see the Provo Sergeant. He will validate your application and arrange for you to see the RSM.

    Ensure you have your kit packed back in your basha ready for your imminent move to more testing training.

    Naughty but funny! - Disco
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  7. Stop thinking you are special because you did part of basic 6 years ago. You may think you remember everything, but you won't have. Just get on with it and as has been said, use your prior experience to help the rest of your platoon.

    How is it people are surfing the net whilst doing their basic? I don't remember having very much time to call home let alone have time to surf the net...although at that time there was no real net to surf as such.
  8. Spot on replies above, use the experience you believe you have to help your section, contarary to popular belief there are no RAMBO/Commando type figures in the Army......its all about team work. You should be concentrating on assisting the weaker members of your section out if you truely are the TOP DOG you believe you are..............if you dont come away with Best Recruit/Best Shot and Best Fitness now after your statement above then maybe you didnt know everything. Give us all a shout and let us know what awards you got on your pass out.
  9. Was a few lads on my basic who had been in the TA for a few years each. All of whom had more experience than doing 13 weeks of Phase 1.

    Every one of them put their head down, tried hard to avoid being marked out as previous STABs and helped the weaker members out, considerably so in the first few weeks. Never once did any make any noises about being "fast tracked". As others have said, do your 14 weeks, help others where you can, and use the time to your advantage.
  10. Well I have just been given the opportunity to do a week of tests and fitness. TC has given me alot of support and if I pass this week I will go straight to Ex Final Fling.
  11. I call bullshit.
  12. TC ? Top Cat ? Tell me do you see yourself as a "Barney" type or more "Officer Dibble" ?
  13. Think what you want.

    Im going to fly through this and prove that it can be done.
  14. Well my opinion for what its worth is that your a gobby nig with an attitude. If I was your TC (showing your experience there) I'd make the test impossible just to PROVE my point.

    Bet your unit (when/if you get there) will be in awe of your experience of failing basic and taking 6 yrs to re join. Are you joining as a gobshite who thinks the world owes him a living? Only I haven't seen that trade publicised recently.
  15. I think that trade normally hangs around the dole office.

    TriggerScotty, at 6 years you are well outside all of the usual brackets that would allow such 'fast tracking' and you didn't finish Basic. Remember there will be various changes to skills, drills and knowledge.

    Remember, there is no 'C0ck' in 'team'.