Fast setting resin advice needed

how about petrol? not sure if it will stick his locks as I did not do science in school but worth a try, it comes in a liquid form so you may need about 20 litres and let it soak in for a minute, then if it hasn't set hard, try heating it with a lit rag, be careful though because it might be flammable/inflammable (never did get that?) anyway let us know how it goes as I might give it a go with similar mong near here.
At least nobody's mentioned a Fairy Liquid bottle filled with petrol to squirt through his letterbox to torch him out yet.

Oh, wait, I just did. Silly me. Just a joke, of course...
- Knock on his door
- Punch him in the mouth
- Drag him by his hair into his front room
- Kneel on his chest with your left knee
- kneel on his left arm with your right knee
- Nail his left hand to the floor
- Swap position and kneel on his chest with your right knee
- Kneel on his right arm with your left knee
- Nail his right hand to the floor
- Leave

Worked for my uncles training partner. Although, he is a 19st bodybuilder with a penchant for violence.
Quite a few and I'm no paying 6 quid a can on that waste of skin!
Just been and done a CTR on his gaff door is wood with vertical thin glass slats so he might be able to kick the glass out then kick out the wooden frames but any luck the cunt will server an artery with his efforts so far noticed can hear him talking to a mate from his flat when I was in the hall suggesting he has all the doors open in the place

BTW what type of resin is best for sticking the wooden door to the frame seems a fair few types out there not sure whats going to be the best
Ring the plod, say you can give them the location and time of the biggest drug dealer in your area, and set up a sting operation they will turn up then and catch the mong red handed.
callum13 said:
Ring the plod, say you can give them the location and time of the biggest drug dealer in your area, and set up a sting operation they will turn up then and catch the mong red handed.
Mate he is and I've already been to the plod....answer we'll pass it to the int cell at HQ fucker is still dealing weeks later. However my mate who was in the nick at the same time as him told me he's a weedy cunt so maybe raid his flat and steal his cash at the same time :lol: but my plan is becoming more evolved I plan on injecting the resin between the door/frame then tying a bit of rope off his handle onto the railings pulling the door right tight to the frame thus giving a better pressure for the resin to do it's work
Then if he gets locked in and something happens your fcuked mate if you do make sure you lock him OUT, if he doesnt know its you just have some fun with the mong, police tape his doorway up sunday AM,leave shit and other nasty stuff all over his doormat/handle/letterbox etc, slip a simple note through his letter box saying PC dave jones sr called today regarding possible narcotics dalings in this area to spook him about or something :D
This this a face of concern if something happens to him don't think he'll be missed much only his junkie mates till they find someone else to buy their skag off and police would no doubt blame it on drugs not the hard working law abiding fella down the stairs :wink:
Why mess about? Just gain entry to his gaf and kill the b@stard. You know it makes sense.

If you have access to firearms, a few 9mm ventilation holes in his forehead should do the trick. Be sure to remove all of his gentials and most of his skin with a hot steam iron first. That way, the police will assume it's a drug deal gone wrong and nothing at all to do with that nice, quiet, helpful bloke who lives downstairs.

If guns are not an option, prepare a syringe full of a mixture of horse laxative and hydroflouric acid (the stuff used to etch glass). Knock the door and pretend to be a customer. As soon as he opens up, stab him in the eye with the syringe. While he suffers a prolonged, agonising death as the acid dissolves the inside of his head, the horse laxitive will be doing its stuff. When the police arrive, they'll find a dead junkie with a needle in his eye and floating in three inches of his own dihorrea. Again, no reason to connect anything to you. Given the state the body will be in, they'll probably not investigate too closely anyway.

Personally, I favour eating the, errm, evidence with a fine chianti to avoid any risk of detection but this can be dodgy with junkies if they're not cooked thoroughly beforehand.

Hope that helps.
brettarider said:
In a nutshell I have a smackhead living a few flats above me who also deals the stuff there's always a trail of junkies going up to score off him Mondays being really bad as it's giro/benefits day these scum also drop all their shite around the place making it look untidy. He's been reported to the police but they have done fuck all as usual.
you must live in the same block as i do.
joey_deacons_lad said:
If you manage to seal his door up do please take photographs of any disturbances it causes especially any scagheads beginning cold turkey on his door step
Will do mucka :salut: sadly though the twathas knocked a hole in the glass when he locked himself out a few weeks ago so could still deal might just glue on a bit of wood whilst I'm at it
Pour a couple of gallons of 2-pack foam through the slot; Allscot in Rutherglen are reasonably cheap.
if you want to remove him from the building?

get some Itching powder and the hottest very fine chillie powder and mix.

Pour into a Fairy liquid bottle and then puff-spray thro the broken window or letter box.

If you can spray far enough, especially hitting the ceiling and wall's only a wash and complete paint job will stop the pain.

Works on piky caravans and vans too. Apparently!

Oh, and a good squirt into a dogs face usually produces a frothing blobby mess. Allegidly

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