Fast setting resin advice needed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Yes i know it should be in the QM's but will get more exposure here and it's purpose suits the NAFFI anyhow.

    In a nutshell I have a smackhead living a few flats above me who also deals the stuff there's always a trail of junkies going up to score off him Mondays being really bad as it's giro/benefits day these scum also drop all their shite around the place making it look untidy. He's been reported to the police but they have done fuck all as usual.

    So my plan then, The flats are all mortice locks I'm thinking of getting a fast setting resin and squirting it into his locks in the middle of the nigh when he's in and with any luck will cure so that he'll be unable to unlock the door effectively locking him into the flat. Also temped to put it round his letter box so he can't deal out of it either.
    I'm planning on doing this on a Sunday/Monday morning to really disrupt his dealing activity plus with him bound to start kicking off in his flat I'll phone the police claiming there's a disturbance and hopefully they'll catch the cnut red handed.

    So what I need is a fast setting resin that can pref come in a syringe format that doesn't need mixing so i can get it right into his lock and over the key.
    Failing at another suitable product I've thought of super-glue but would be too easy to break down

    fella's the floor is open :twisted:
  2. Google it then look for local stockists or try a builders merchant/specialist fixings
  3. Fixadent.
  4. That stuff needs to be mixed I'm afraid
  5. SIKA have a good techy department. The stuff is used for holding car wings on so some of the products must go off very quickly
    - Good Luck, I like your thinking :lol:
  6. Araldite.. you can get it in a twin syringe that mixes it as you squirt it so no need to get messy. Super glue is still better if its speed your after and it will penetrate much further into the lock.

    If you have plenty of time to do the job , like when the cnuts asleep, then get hold of some epoxy putty from B+Qs' plumbing section. Its a two pack system but is in the form of two dough-like sausages. You premix it by rolling two lumps of it together like plasticine. [not messy and you can do it in the confrt of your own abode]
    Mix the two lumps and press it into the lock [make sure you don't leave a big thumbprint] The stuff takes a few hours to set but it is harder than steel when its fully cured The only way you'll get it out is with a drill.
  7. Plan B it is then, smash his fingers with a 3lb lump hammer.
    Subtletys not my thing I'm afraid.
  8. Totally agreed. Did my next door neighbours back door with the putty (not malicious, we just like being cnuts to each other) and he had to remove the entire lock and handle and drill mega bits of it out before he could even open the door. Took him the best part of a day and cost him a complete door lock and handle assembly (not cheap on a double glazed door). He had previously sawn my BBQ in half, so I had no sympathy
  9. Feck me, so its you who lives next door to me.
  10. Excellent idea's keep them coming fuck face lives on the top floor as well so climbing out the window won't be an option either unless he want' to fall 50 feet
  11. Not a good idea, BR. The dopey scag-head might do himself an injury or set fire to the place. Why not lock the fecker out? Araldite twin syringe is available in rapid which goes off in about 15 mins but if memory serves it has to be mixed manually. As does miliput (epoxy putty) which also goes off quick-if heat is applied, chemical metal, or common fibre-glass resin would do too. I would suggest a tube of liquid nails or hard as nails, or perhaps a few really long screws and a cordless drill.
  12. No Ineed to do it as quietly as possible, Idea forming slika fix his door frame, resin his locks and 2-part expoy putty his letter box might even expanding foam it as well
  13. I thought that was the best possible outcome. Lock him in and then laugh as he burns to death or does a "9/11 memorial swan dive"