Fast Runs on P Company

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Zulu_Dawn, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Was wanting to know at what pace are the fast runs done at and over what distances during TA pre-para.I am currently getting 7 mins per mile up to about 6 mile,7.5 mins per mile up to 8 mile all with hills and got 73 mins for 10 miles on the flat.I ran a marathon also this year for the first time and did it in 4hrs 12mins.My 1.5 mile run is 9.20 with a few hills,90 push ups in 1 min and 68 sit ups in 1 min.I am currently following the Fighting Fit P Company programme and getting 5 mile with a 30lb bergen with hills in 1 hour and doing steep hill bergen workouts as well.How far do you think I am away from the level I would need or would the build up in pre-para get me up to the standard for test-week.I have just turned 40 and our REG. is going out with 16AA next year and would want to do P Company before I go.
  2. You sound somewhat superhuman already chap!
  3. It is looking very good particularly for a TA and old guy like you !
  4. Phucking hell are you Terminator?
  5. Looks like your PFT time is a pass (under 9:30) but your tabbing needs to improve (P Coy ten miler is 1 hr 50 and there are also some longer tabs)

    I'd say you're fit enough to start pre-para (or whatever it's called these days) but you're pushing your luck at your age, good luck with it anyways!
  6. You sound about right but I can assure you - if you are doing 90 push ups in 60 seconds then you are not doing them to the correct ASPT standard. This standard is enforced at Catterick.
  7. Mate, you're there. Fecking 40!! I'm 35 and do 10 on the flat in 82 and ex para with not massive fat surplus. Stop stresing and just fecking do it. you'll be fine.

    Good luck fella. You cnut :D

    PS I still tab with the pooches and 35-45lbs but certainly not enough to killl myself. Again, you'll be fine.
  8. Sorry I missed out the main point of my post - you are definately ready - more than. Its 70% mental anyway (as with all hard phys) and you've defo got that.
  9. Sounds good to me & by the way, 40 is not too old to pass P Company.

    Much older blokes have passed it. 8)

    No not me, I did mine at 18, piece of piss! :D
  10. TA P Coy 10 miler is 2 hours not 1 50
  11. Bloody Hell Sandy!!!!

    That's outrageous. It wasn't always like that. 8O
  12. Cheers for the replies and advice everyone :D The 90 press-ups were just a go for it in 1 min so I reckon I'll have to concentrate more on doing them stricter :) Thanks again everyone :D
  13. Sorry to slash on your fire, you may well get P company in prior to your deployment. But, I doubt you will get your jumps (about 2 yr waiting list) Even some Regt blokes out of training haven't done jumps!...poor state! all AT being sapped dry.
  14. I've been told that myself,2 years really is some back-log.On the matter of tabbing I've been told different things like it is a fast march the whole way where i've also been told its fast march uphills and run on the downhill and flat sections.My bergan work so far is all fast marching and was wondering should I add a bit of running into it as well :? Help me clear this up please. Cheers :D
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Who is conducting your pre-P Coy beat up? Your unit should be getting you used to P Coy tabbing pace long before you get to P Coy. You will TAB by a combination of fast marching and running, so you need to be prepared for both.