Fast Jet Pilot Swamps Himself

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by crabtastic, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. I always wondered what they did if they needed a turd!
  2. I heard a rumour yonks ago that WWI pilots used to regularly have to fire off a few Bovril bullets in the cockpit. Apparently this was caused by the castor oil that was used to lubricate their radial engines.
    Is there any truth in that?

  3. I heard the very same thing yestarday from an ex RAF guy !!
  4. Might not be work safe? I suggest you have another look - definately not work safe 8O (unless you work on a knocking shop).
  5. Pilots?, Cockpit? I,ve known guys snip off a length in the back of a Landrover & a 432 !!!!!! Dirty bastards!!

    Regards LT.
  6. The title of this thread is a bit misleading ?! Shouldn't it be 'F16 Pilot Follows-Through'

    Of course, if you know you're gonna need to 'engage in bodily functions', you'd wear a nappy under your drysuit/flying rig ...

    I like the way he keeps chuckling to himself when apologising to his oppo and explaining to 0 what's happened ! His oppo took it well, the perfect gentleman in fact !
  7. I believe there was an instance when an SR-71 WSO, suffering from a stomach complaint, suffered a similar problem - at about Mach 3, about 70,000 feet and while wearing a pressure suit...

    He was later given an 'award ', the ceremony begining with the line 'Sometimes, the bottom falls out of your world. We're here today to commemorate the time that Jim discovered that the world can....'

    An F-16 (IIRC) driver inadvertantly ejected while trying to sort out the 'pee pack' connections, which made for a very interesting accident report.

    Also, I was once told by an old and bold RAF type of a case involving a pilot who tried to relieve his bladder via the mechanism of opening the direct vision panel on the aircraft windshield and urinating through that.

    Unfortunately, he'd not taken account of the fact that there would be suction when the DV panel was opened, and he spent a good half hour with a certain part of his anatomy pressed firmly to the side of the windshield while the second pilot flew the aircraft down to a lower altitude where (again, IIRC), the pressure meant that recovery of the stray appendage could be effected and the DV panel shut...
  8. If you listen carefully it sounds like his callsign is Stink 3, lol!
  9. Heard a story about a special person doing a para jump, fills his jump suit on the way up then when he jumps out he goes into a spin and the angular velocity propels the brown sludge throughout his hole suit, with it seeping out of his cuffs/collar/into boots etc

    brings a new meaning to fill yer boots
  10. LMAO.

    you guys owe me a new keyboard!
  11. fcking hell, tears rolling down my cheeks!