Fast cash?

I'm starting training at Pirbright in July so hopefully i'll be able to get out of the country for a while before to check out the foreign broads and the like etc.

Tough times in the job market means the prospect of me getting a job before then are slim, before taking up the vastly exiting career of a gigolo, can anyone counger up any ways of me sprouting fast cash?

I've already sold half my worldly posessions on ebay.
If your not fussy about what job you do, try signing up with a local recruitment agency. Be waned, when i did this a few years ago i ended up with a job packing turkeys at the end of a huge production line, on the flip side i worked at a fireworks factory for a few weeks too! Just let them know you want some temp work to get some cash before you pack yourself off to pirbright :)
friend of mine did that, ended up packing water cress 0.O


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bartender. if you dont fancy that, you got any language/computer skills? easy enough to get an IT job for a while.
Off grid, why not get yourself round to all the butchers, wood yards, rail yards or anywhere else where there may be dirty, laborious work and offer to clean/tidy/scrub/burn/dispose of the shitty things they've been putting off and that even migrants won't do for cash in hand and offer to work for below the minimum wage? The type of dirty jobs that are not advertised because they are one offs.


With a name like fluffer why don't you get yourself down to Pompey docks and suck a bit of c0ck for cash?
Sign up at the House of Commons. You do sod all, the pay is not bad, and you can make a killing on the perks!!
Try the House of Commons. You do sod all, the pay is not bad, but you can make a killing on the perks.
Bumsex. I'll give you a tenner (twenty if you do a reacharound).
Ive made 150 smackers in a week selling some unused items, not bad!
Before joining up, I worked in a Chocolate factory, a Tampon factory, a Potato field and a CD packing warehouse.

All sh!t labour jobs and long hours for sh!t money.

A mate of mine earnt quite a bit doing telecommunications sales, and he was in a nice warm office.

Good luck for Pirbright

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