Fast Balls....................

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheBigUn, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Come on, we have all had them/get them most days. What is the worst most annoying task/thing that you have been asked to do at a moments notice/

    And if it's all your fault.

    What is the worst, most annoying fast ball you have given to someone?
  2. Fast ball?..."The Duke of Kent is coming tomorrow, can you lay on some sort of demonstration Adj?" "Certainly Brigadier!"

    Several Hugh Grant styley fcuk, fcuk, fcukety moments later...the NSE Tattoo viewed from a "grandstand/royal box" improvised from a four tonner, complete with Land Rover Snow Chain Race a la field gun run between English, Scottish and Welsh teams, guard dog and search dog demonstrations and representatives of all his regiments are assembled to be inspected...six back over the bowler's head!
  3. Fast Balls thought this was going to be thread on Pelvic thrusts..........

    I'll get me coat.
  4. right go to 4gsmr then you will know all about fast balls.
  5. Fly to Kuwait to invade its next door neighbour - 1 week
  6. Not having that, you shouted RSM can you sort this please!
  7. I like it, may take some beating that one.
  8. There's never a fast's just always an even keel!
  9. So did I, Ill get mine too!
  10. Oh contraire...he was busy a)hunting rats (furry not G10), b)painting DJ Bks because the PR was inbound the following week and c)he was a PARA and excused that kind of fannying about!
  11. Cuddles, I wish you were my Adjt!
  12. Now this is why all RSM's should be from the Guards. No job to small or to big
  13. Going from my pit at about 7ish in the morning to patroling the streets of Kosovo by 23:59 that same day... Cue panic packing, Doss bag, check, left Drill boot check, 1 pair of apple catchers check..... Right go! Then get back and do the Troop.
  14. Hmm feel that mine pales into absurity now, but, Deploying the next day at 0400 on Ex, knocking off from work at 16:45 when Staff comes over and tells me that we need a flasher relay for the UBRE for tomorrows deployment and I needed to go get it, no worries thought I, LAD is 2 minute walk, no. The only one left in BFG was in Guttersloh, could I take the slightly faster Astra, no, into the 1L Corsa for me and off I go.

    Get there then have to wait while the Guardroom get hold of stores type bloke, que many cups of vended brew, then off back to mine, get back at around 0100, fan-bloody-tastic!
  15. I was a very, very unusual Adjutant. I believe I was, and indeed may still be, the only TA officer to be appointed Adjutant on operations since 1945!