Fashion for 2008.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. While down in London over Christmas I got chatting to a few friends who work in Fashion, it looks like in time honoured tradition of the trendy fashion designers they will be nicking a previous decades style and resell it at inflated prices.
    Next year we will be seeing the 1950's back in vogue. This got me thinking on what other fashions we can bring back.

    1. Swords and dueling
    2. Corsets and stockings (for the Ladies)
    3. Whiskers - Think Flashman.
    4. Proper hats
    5. The British Empire.
    6. Stockings.
    7. Those Reebok high tops I had in 1988.

    Now, what Trends would the rest of ARRSE like to see brought back or banished forever?
  2. I'm finding myself increasingly appreciate of those winter babygro suits...very dapper!
  3. You sick and twisted pervert! ...... well I did ask :D
  4. How about Hi-Tec silver shadows, with Ronhill bottoms and an illuminous vest/t-shirt.

    Me thinks that Kate Moss would look rather dishy dressed as a ruperts missus.
  5. Banished forever: Those fake DPM outfits that are all the rage for civvies in big cities world wide...why?
  6. Banish drainpipe (skinny) jeans for men, and issue a pair of Shads to all on the electoral register!
  7. Are you on about the ones that have a hood that zips over your face and two small visors that make you look like some sort of chav special forces?

    Will try an find a pic
  8. No doubt a return to 50s fashion inspired by the recent Golden Age of Couture at the V&A. Good news for me, I've been collecting 50s clothes for decades. The materials are better quality and so is the finish.

    Can't see today's youth picking up on that, elegant does not feature in their vocab. Your average chav is not going to spend time looking out matching hat, bag and gloves for her outfit, her waistline won't fit into a New Look dress and she certainly won't be fiddling around with sussies and making sure her seams are straight.

    Bring back elegance and banish chavs.
  9. Dont even get me started on those. But anything with camo print really. Also faded things like those faded jeans...what's up with that? Never really understood the point of spending a bucket load extra to get something pre-faded and ripped etc...but then thats just me.
  10. [​IMG]

    Get the Gimp.
    The Gimps sleeping.
    Well wake him up.
  11. Anything that requires you (particularly women) to spend hours primping and preening to achieve a 'Oh, I just threw it on, don't care how it looks' look.

    Fashion? What a rip-off. Blazer and trousers for smart, jeans and T for cazh, they way God intended.

  12. {LVH raises an eyebrow} Ding Dong!
  13. Chav Spec Ops

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  14. A more complete pic

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