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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hackle, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. "The Scottish Angle" ... there's a pun in there somewhere. No? Ah, my coat, thanks...

    Anyway folks, there's obviously going to be more Scotland-specific news as details continue to emerge, and as political fallout in Scotland also continues. Incidentally, I have no connection at all with the "Save the Scottish Regiments" campaign, which whether you agree with it or not does seem to have genuinely contributed to the saving of one Scottish battalion. So I thought there was room for a separate thread so as not to clog up the main FAS thread with "regional" issues. (If possible, with no more "amusing" interventions than we from north of the border contributed to the Fusiliers thread!)

    This from today's Hootsmon http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1439652004
  2. The Herald http://www.theherald.co.uk/politics/29971.html

  3. Editorial from today's Scotsman. This is from their website http://news.scotsman.com/opinion.cfm?id=1439202004 Not being a 'spotter' :roll: but today's print version has a crass reference to "the most vicious of the cuts" being the "loss of the Black Watch". Good job, whoever in the Hootsmon spotted this and cut it out of the website version. Long before Camp Dogwood etc, the Scotsman was IMO slightly over-egging the Black Watch angle ("Scotland's premier infantry regiment" etc) and no doubt their correspondent Gethin Chamberlain having been an embed with them on Telic 1 had something to do with that. The Black Watch is a splendid regiment and I would think other British regiments benefited from their being showcased and campaigned for so effectively. Rant over, great coverage overall, Scotsman guys, and another trenchant piece below:

  4. Opinion piece in the Scotsman by Brigadier Allan Alstead late KOSB. Predicts that the "old names" and other elements of the present regiments will not survive. Link: http://news.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=1207&id=1439812004

    The Scotsman website also has a piece "Cowardly Way to Treat Troops" by Lt Col Bob Paterson formerly of The Royal Scots. Link: http://news.scotsman.com/topics.cfm?tid=1207&id=1441372004
  5. Will this mean that the individual Scottish Regiments will loose the right to wear their cap badges?

    I for one will be sad to no longer see the Red Hackle worn when out and about :(

    MrWTW is ex-BW :wink:
  6. I understand that it will be a single RSR capbadge Mr WTW, but the present hackles will continue to be worn.
  7. Within this new RSR there also is little distinction between Highland and Lowland Bns seemingly.
    Uniform has been said to be "common" along with the cap badge.

    Any word on tartans/kilts/trews ?
  8. RCSignals, my understanding is that it will be the kilt for 2A/2C dress. Single tartan, Govt tartan No 1 ie as you know the one often referred to as Black Watch.
  9. Aye, when everything settles down and people come to terms with the new Scottish regiment there'll be much wrangling over uniform. I hope that it will be UNIFORM, otherwise it'll be a QM's nightmare when 15% of each Bn rotate in and out of each unit annually. Easier just to change hackles, assuming that each Bn will wear one. Someone in an earlier thread suggested the Royals & Borderers might wear a black hackle, nice gesture in memory of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).
  10. The outcome will be interesting. Watch the Argyll's otherwise the kilt will be box pleated... :wink:
  11. Yes. It's really all just "gesture" when it comes to the "golden threads"
  12. box pleating is not necessarily a bad thing....

    Do the Argylls go in for it? never noticed...
  13. Yes, they pleat to the black line on green. The BW as you know knife pleat on the blue, with many more thinner pleats.

    I like Box pleats on a kilt like the Seaforth's but prefer the BW pleating to the Argyll's (really a carry over form the Sutherlands) especially when the BW is "rounded"
  14. Maybe best to go for the Mackenzie tartan and avoid these arguments...
  15. Do you think anything will prevent arguments, err, discussions, over it?

    I'm guessing Hoon and Jackson do not know the tartan, the kilt and how it's made, and trews (and how they are made) are as much a "badge" as the cap badge and hackle.