FAS(TA) Sigs plan still going ahead

EDIT: I've changed the title as it was a bit misleading used to say rejected

I've not heard it officially but I've heard thats the case.

I don't know the reasons but I guess its because of the Contingency Component Sqns, they were to created to just supply IRs. Whereas the Brigade Close Support Sqns (Bde Signal Squadron in English) could supply IRs and had another role.
Also the plan lacked any support for regional Divisions.
Also it would create units with a wide variety of roles, how would training be organised? Does the regiment train for the BCS role or for supporting regulars (CC) ????

If the problem was the CC role then one way to justify them is to give them a regional Division support role i.e. put them all together in a Divisional Signal Regiment. If we then followed regular army patterns, the BCS Sqns would become indpendent, allowing them to work more closely with their regional Bde.
Does that mean TACs/SQns that were to close/merge are not going to?

Or is this just another case of hurry up and wait for the inevitable?
Not at all sure, I'm just guessing. Although having 3 Divisional Signal Regiments and a couple National 'Corps' Signal regiments has some logic.
It roughly follows regular structure and so pairing between TA and Reg units can be done along logical lines.
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Merlin, I refer to my comments on another thread about career opportunities. If I am staying in my current regiment, I am jacking it in. I have never been so depressed with the TA than the last 6 months. I dont believe for one minute that all units are the same, but the organization at the moment, as I see it, is cr...asdcvxzpvxz0vj; help help, the thought ppolice are here. Ouch !! Bastards. Dont stick that needle in mmm,,,,..........zzzzzzzzzzzz
bobos said:
but the organization at the moment, as I see it, is cr...asdcvxzpvxz0vj;
What organisation? Didn't take long to do the previous comms estimate, wonder why ......................

I remember @ Blandford last year coming out of a (joint course) lecture on sigs & army org and this TA Lt mentioned that was the 3rd time she'd seen it and she still didn't get it.......

Saying that I had to describe a Bde HQ to our det comds last week........ but they could tell me house clearance drills (but little clue how to occupy a comms site) :?

Guess I may be visited by the same police next Tues!
Merlin, o fountain of all knowledge, does this mean that 60 are not going to 36, 47 are not going into 71, and the rest of the merry-go-gound is not therefore happening. would appreciate some info as getting Emails from other sources wanting confirmaition.
I was hoping someone on here would contradict the first post, the info came from the old gossip chain (Q - Stores full time

However I have no doubt that units will still be merging/closing and bear in mind a couple of HQ Sqns were closing in the initial plan

My own sqn is missing both an OC and a 2IC and they are not being replaced (we were/are being merged with another Sqn). I need to getting cracking on some ideas I have, but because of a vacancy & potential overbearing, I don't know what Sqn I'll be in come FAS. Hence I'm a bit reluctant to start something and then have to restart elsewhere.
The sooner the Sigs FAS plan is resolved the better. There are alot of unhappy people out there who would like to have this issue sorted out, not least the NRPS PSAO's and SQMS' who are going to be made redundant. There has been some talk about various changes not happening, but this has been in the bars over a beer, I would suggest not listening to that sort of thing. Wait until the FAS announcement is made or your Bde Comd puts the CO's straight. Personnaly I think it's a terrible shame, particularly for 87 Sig Sqn, who may be loosing a cracking PSAO and SQMS on redundancy, not to mention the effect a merge will have on 64 Sig Sqn. In particular G1 and G4 support on a daily basis. I know the Regt is fighting the corner for both Sqn's, but they are a small cog in a big wheel and may not get anywhere. same old, same old!

Thanks for that. I think the changes to 64 & 87 will have a postive effect, it will be good to be in a large squadron i.e. the Sqn YofS (whichever one it is) will have to do his job, instead of being a det comd/tp sgt as happens at the moment.
But 87 is by far the biggest & with me coming as a neatral since transferring over from the infantry then 87 seems to put double the troops on the ground than any other sqaudron in the regiment so to me this seems to be a bad move within the regiment, with regards to who it who will get the HQ part of the new 64-87 sqn, which PSAO stays, etc etc there is a long lost of what fors that still seem to be a bit a run around really so the sooner we know the better so we can sort this out
It may look like a bad move but in whatever form it ends up as it will always be called 64 Signal Squadron (Its a shared common herritage between HQ, 87 and 64). The Sheffield part of 64 will start picking up shortly.

Having the SHQ in Sheffield distrbutes the number of SNCO/Officer slots more evenly accross the regiment. Also 64 has a wide recruiting area, a significant number of 64/HQ's the officers/seniors come from Leeds/Wakefield/Harrogate. We can't move to Nottingham (70+ miles) on a drill night but its easy for those in Nottingham to move to Derby or Sheffield.
Im 38 sigs 46sqd and at 875tp in leicester.

We are being closed and moved back to Derby. Its a shame cos 875 is such a tight troop. I think we will lose that with the move to Derby, but time will tell.

I am looking forward to the move cos we will be one stronger sqd with both leic and derby troops.

Just be good to know when things are going to happen.

Did you get to find out details about 1 LSR (1st Logistic Support Regiment website)

Should be similar to what you do at the moment but it will be mainly radio, very little message handling and .......... try and brush up on your VP. The RLC operators are probably at a far higher standard than you (that is not a dig at you).
I'm looking for something else to do. I hate loathe and despite my current posting and the observations you made on another thread, certainly seem a good idea, although I wonder about such a complete change. Seems as though most of the changes are officially happening on 1st April (very apt day if I may say so). See my PM ref other subjects.
Bobos you thick tawt, I think Merlin is offering you a job in Nottingham. Can't be worse than the place you are in, knee deep in duck shit
Merlin - I think I sent you a PM, remember I am old and decrepid. If you didnt get it, I will send it again some time.

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