Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Acid_Tin, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. There is a certain amount of detail on how it is suggested this issue might play out - but it's early days yet folks!

    I am happy to address specific queries via PM. :D
  2. Can you give a date of publication?
  3. I think the doc is quite recent (from the last two months) as it mentions FAS.

    The Int side is rumoured to be a new TA Bn (in the north England/Scotland?) (no reroling)
    I'd presume the Engineers would be re-roling of Inf Coys
    RMP's maybe more reroling of other TA
    Attack Heli support teams, that sounds gucci, guess one will be formed in Disforth, Yorks.... Do Sigs supply comms for AAC (like 21 Sigs Regt)?

    Does the last statement imply a new type of TA (a two tier structure)?
  4. Maybe they could restart the HSF? Could be very useful for KP's etc.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I hope that they look at utilising the civilian skills which the TA have and the possibility of shorter tours.

  6. The main problems with that approach centre around the employers and the fact that they are unlikely to want their best qualified staff off doing the same job but for someone else. It would exemplify the growing argument that the reserve forces are doing the job of the regular army on the cheap and at the expense of the reservist's employer. If the army needs specific skills, will come the cry, it should employ them and not leach them out of the civilian economy (especially for OOTW)...
  7. Restart the HSF, I for one would rejoin. At 44 I am not going to run around in anyones desert (not that I could after all them pies)...
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I would have thought that employers would look more favourably on their employees going for, say, 3 months rather than 9.

    If you look at the skills which are needed in Iraq right now, then you will see that the TA has them in spades (no pun intended).

    This gives the TA a relevant and modern role and may help to to reverse the recruiting problems which currently seem to exist.

  9. msr

    msr LE

    Which KPs and where? I presume you mean KPs in sandy places :wink:

  10. I agree with Fas et Gloria on this. If you also add in the fact that your merchant banker or carpenter TA section commander is in the Infantry exactly because it isn't merchant banking or carpentry, then we could have a problem with dissastisfied soldiers being denied the chance to do their "TA job".
  11. Let's get this load balanced.

    3 month tours, get more people through an operational environment and increase the skill set.

    Not stick someone on a gate for 6 months, leading to kit in a binbag at Endex.

    Incentives for troops that want to do more than one mobilisation in the 3/5 year period.

    Increased help for reservists that have to restart their lives after a tour.
  12. Agree strongly.

    I have heard TA colleagues commenting that they would not want to employ somebody who was in the TA.
  13. msr

    msr LE


    You are right, however, the opportunity for TA soldiers to volunteer for specific projects which will utilise their skills should not be overlooked.

    For an example of this, look at the specialist units.

  14. No argument here. However, there is a school of thought which suggests that in light of 'regular army reductions in a time of increasing commitment' the jobs which ought to be carried out by the regular army are being picked up by the reservist.

    Whilst the vast majority of employers were on side for TELIC (patriotism etc.) by number 7 there are those who are beginning to see the removal of their work force as another tax - a lower defence budget is all very well, they might think, but it's not as if anyone is seeing any concrete benefits from the 'savings' whilst the downside is that a small business will be effectively paying for the government's savings directly out of their profit line by sending their staff away. It is hardly a wonder that the appeals against mobilisation are up TELIC on TELIC.

    Bearing that in mind as a scenario, if the powers that be start to explicitly mobilise reservists for their civilian skills then the appeals are going to go through the roof, which is a significant problem if the MoD maintain their policy of not contesting employer appeals.

    One last thought; unless the RFA96 is altered then a shorter reservist tour length will simply lead to more frequent tours since it is total time in a three year period which is limited by the legislation. The upshot would be that by the time you factor in pre-tour training then each individual is going to be away longer.
  15. In my case I've been told a few times I'd deploy in civilian trade and I'd be more than happy with that. Work was narked when they realised this, partly because the Army had invested little in my training and work had - sort of bordering on theft.

    The civvy 'trade' I have doesn't exist within the TA; it does within the regular army. Hopefully someones gonna use their noggin and change the (Sigs) trades to sort that.