FAS - Reg & TA unit pairings?

This was mentioned on this site a month or two back.

Well it appears to be true and my units going to Germany for a week next year, probably for ARRCADE Ex's next autumn (we aren't a ARRC roled unit - so we've not done Germany b4).

Anyone know what the pairings are or have I got my wires crossed.

A breifing pack has gone out to all units. 32, 38, 37, 40 will have Contingency Component Sqns which are earmarked -as I understand it- to supplement certain Reg units (1ADSR and some of the Armd bdes I believe) It is the manpower that is the key asset the Regs will want, not extra comms capability.

The idea of exercising etc with them is to avoid TELIC 1 problems of TA doing all the S**t jobs ie you, in theory, become a known face who they have worked with before.

I hope this helps.

Yep, we've had the (part?) brief, my regt only has one 'CC' Sig Sqn but we've been told they will be equiped the same as the Bde Close Support Sig Sqns.

The concept makes a lot of sense but I don't see why we've CC and CS sqns in the same regiments, as their training requirements should be different, i.e. CC Sqns should have rebros, SCRA(T)'s, Clansman/Bowman VHF so they can train on them, CS sqns already have the correct equipment for the job.

Was this in part, 2 Sigs Bde original FAS plan?
Polar, your Regt's EX in Germany has nothing to do with comms or FAS. I understand the plan is a military training EX, some Adv Trg, oh yes, and some fun! The Regt's hosts (? Sig Regt) are being very helpful, according to your Ops Maj it's going to be fantastic. But it's for a maximum of 70 pax. The EX is in addition to annual camp which is in Jun.
Many Thanks Yaris, I was sort of digging/fishing to see whats was going on. I can't really afford the time (=works hols) next year to do the Germany trip but probably would have done if it was comms (cause I'm a geek!)

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