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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Have any of you heard the details of the parliamentary report regarding the new future army structure planned after the election? One of my family members is an MP and apparently this is common knowledge "in the commons!"

    I know this idea has been battered around for years but basically we are adopting an American style structure, without going into to many details (PM me for the Email I have) the main points are;

    1. Army split into 3 x CORPS. Inf / Armoured and Support CORPS.

    2. RLC / Eng / AGC / REME / SIGS / MED and all other Non teeth arms will come under the sphere of "Support CORPS"

    3. ACC will go to RAF, presumably so the RAF feel more involved in future campaigns!

    4. All soldiers will complete INF Trg, then Support / Armoured CORPS complete trade Trg.

    This is a broad brush because I'm busy at the Mo, more details to follow......
  2. Tony Blair to be drafted in as honesty spokesman for the MOD?
  3. Thats gonna be one ferk off sized capbadge
  4. Remind me of the date today :)
  5. I thought the RAF had PAYD why would they need a whole load of people from an already disbanded Corps 8O

    (Oh and happy 01 of April day)
  6. deffo a fools day joke, how could a scouser know an MP.

    Anyway im in orlando its 3 in the morning i cant sleep
  7. Army Air Corps / Army Catering Corps, same sh*t different gravy! :p
  8. They are getting cooks into the RAF :p
  9. I reckon the RAF already have "cooks" going by the size of the fookers :lol:
  10. Not sure you got the right gist old chap:

    1 RAF ( Happy birthday by the way) to be subsumed into the AAC as this is where they started, gets rid of cheap blue uniforms etc.
    2 RAF regiment to go and be part of infantry (not speshul force).
    3 Navy to come under control of RLC with attached arms i.e. RA for the big gun things, infantry to relieve the Marines etc.

    Mod becomes one force centred, job done.

    Now don't tell anyone else as I promised not to pass it on.
  11. You have seen the Email too?? I was told it was just my uncle, his wife and her tennis partners that were "in the loop" the way this has leaked it could be in The Sun by November............
  12. No, all wrong. Big plan is for Sodexho and Avenance to take over all the chefs and AGC and put out a contract that would also cover taking over the CSS, this would then allow the government to let the civvies run the Army, units would have to pay to use CSS units and only get 4 free deployments a year.