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FAS, FIS and "rangers"

Alrite Guys,
Just registered a minute ago and hoping someone can help me, point me in the right direction. Basically Im an MA student and am doing my dissertation on the re-roling of 1 para into a "ranger" battalion as proposed under the FAS.
So far Im having no luck with people helping me with information such as the MoD pubilc enquries, Janes defence group and RUSI. Anyone any ideas of who might be useful to contact to help me with my research? Im pretty keen to speak to members of 1 para esp the senior officers to see what they think about the changes but cant find a contact adderess for 1 para. (Are they based in Dover?)

Anyways, any help whatsever would really really be appreciated. Im not really sure if this is the rght forum to be posting in about this, if its not can some1 point me in the right direction.

Cheers, Luke.
I imagine that almost no-one knows what is going on. I very much doubt that TCH had much an idea of what he was talking about when he made the announcement either.

I expect the the very last people to have any news will be 1 PARA themselves, as it affects them most of all.

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