FAS - Changes to Bands

I read the following thread with some interest, mainly trying to work out where the bloke was coming from:


So here may be the genesis or otherwise:

The following decisions have been made about CAMus and will be promulgated shortly:

- RA and Gds bands will remain 49 strong
- All other bands will remain 35 strong
- There will be a reduction in the number of bands from 13 to 7 across the RAC and Inf:

RAC [4 to 2]
- The Light Cavalry Band (formerly Hussars & Light Dragoons and the Royal Lancers)
- The Heavy Cavalry & Cambrai Band (formerly the Band of the Dragoon Guards and the RTR Cambrai Band)

Inf [9 to 5]
- The Regimental Bnd of The Royal Regiment of Scotland (formerly the Highland and Lowland Bands)
- The Minden Band of The Queen's Division (formerly the Minden and Normandy Bands)
- The Band of The King's Division (formerly the Waterloo and Normandy Bands)
- The Band of The Prince of Wales's Division (formerly the Clive and Lucknow Bands)
- The Band of The Royal Irish Regiment will remain unchanged

No further decision has been promulgated about the intended redundancies for 06.

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