FAS and TA Signals

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapukay, Dec 24, 2004.

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  1. It's on Armynet, the TA breakdown by corps. 2 (NC) Brigade is going to be a Division by the scale of it!

    The problem is that national units can't provide one of the 3 roles of the TA infantry, and so may not come to pass. The LI have effectively been made into the SW regional regiment, will the Fusiliers become the NE regional regiment?
  2. 2 (NC) Signal 'Division' recently gained the 2 Ex-Euromux Signal Regiments (36 & 40). When I looked on ArmyNet they only mentioned the formation the regular 22 Signal Regiment (which is in public FAS), 22 Sigs will initially be Ptarmigan but will soon trial Falcon (Falcon only needs about a 3rd of the man power required for Ptarmigan - so in the near future TA Signal Regiments may disband or re-role)

    The ORBATs for the new infantry regiments isn't on ArmyNet and will be published in April 05. If we have to meet all 3 roles - what are they going to do with the PARA Coys? Put the coys under Regional Bn command but adminstered by a reduced 4 PARA HQ??
  3. msr

    msr LE


    I can't see TA regiments getting actual FALCON kit, due to cost. They might get simulators, but will definitely hold on to Ptarmigan for the foreseeable future.

    Rather than disband them, it would be better to train them up with IT skills to support the HQs of the future.

  4. I too doubt they'll disband.
    IT is a good idea but I think you'd need a regiment spanning 33, 34, 35 and 38's area to get enough competent operators. It'd be too expensive to train the majority of a sqn in IT - In mine we've about 5-10% who use IT at work and of the remainder many would struggle with IT
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  9. FBW

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    Isn't that what they said about Ptarmigan when we had the old Brewen (excuse spelling) system

    if not how will we be able to have the one concept army they keep talking about
  10. We've accidentially got this working, we have one PSI who looks after the det Mon-Fri and when it deploys its crew is mostly TA. It works extremly well, the PSI does the more complex stuff and we TA do most of the donkey work in the HQ.
    Strangely enough people when they've seen the det have remarked on its similiarity to COMRANT/FALCON (i.e. its modern).
  11. msr

    msr LE

    How are you supposed to train a TA Access Node, when there is no HQ deployed on the w/e?

  12. Ask if you can work with your neighbouring NC regiments?
    They may be glad of the extra ops on weekends (especially if they're good with IT and/or message handling), plus I'd guess your operators would prefer being in regional Bde HQ and not cold & wet in a CCRF Bn.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    That''s my entire point, how do you deploy/simulate a Bde HQ on a w/e?

  14. We don't simulate we actually support a Bde, admittedly I doubt its like a war fighting Bde but it gives the guys an idea of what to expect. Everyones put under pressure from staff users, the comms problems are real and have to be fixed or worked around.