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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Big_Bertha, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. I passed my pre-adsc yesterday, came first in the 1.5 miler with a rubbish time of 11.42.
    Im applying to be a Light Gunner and just need to get it under 13.15 but I want to ideally get my time down to 10.30 and if possible under.
    How long should I be jogging before I start sprinting? And how long for? Or should I be going for distance rather than times, like jog 400m sprint 200, jog 300, sprint 100 etc?
    Ive got access to the gym, fields, tracks and theres plenty of hills around.
    1 more question, how often should I be doing this Fartlek shizz? 2-3 times a week, and 3-4 5 milers a week?
    Cheers in advance
  2. Fartlek training has many advocates, problems arrise when people incapable of covering 1.5 miles in a reasonable time start browsing the internet instead of stopping eating lard/exercising.
  3. I appreciate it may have been different in your time, and I can cover it well under the designated time. Im a girl, no excuse for a shite time but Im trying to improve on it.
  4. I wasnt meaning to criticise, specialist training techniques are for those that have plateaued, and are struggling to improve, Not for generally unfit people, if you asked what is a great exercise that takes my mind off food while I do it, and actually enjoy it, you would have got a different answer.
  5. Ive got a healthy BMI, no wobbly bits other than my boobs, so my weight or food intake isnt the issue. I just have no stamina and need to improve it.
  6. Im stretching my memory now, I thought the timings were extended to 11 mins for regs, 11.30 for over 30s etc etc etc

    For those struggling to go sub 8 min bft fartlek training could well be the answer.
  7. Star doing 15 min runs for a week every other day. then week 2 increase to 20 mins etc once you have got to 30-35 minute runs calculate the distance and and try to improve the time every other day your running, for basic training you should be looking to do 3 miles in 25mins or less then start Fartlek running.. good luck..
  8. when i was at adsc they told us if we didnt complete the 1.5 miles in under 11 mins it was a fail, 9 of 40 failed due to there times
  9. 11:42 is not rubbish its PATHETIC, spend less time on the net etc and get running
  10. Try sprinting for one minute normal pace for 2 mins on a treadmill if you can. This will burn fat at a much quicker rate, it will also improve your run time.
  11. Bombdr and Deano seem to be the only ones prepared to give you any advice.

    whats called cross training is also a big help to general fitness. In short it means do lots of different stuff rather than the same things each day,

    Follow Deanos advice about building up general fitness/CV and combine some of those sessions with swimming and or using a Xtrainer or bike or something similiar.

    Probably after 6-8 weeks start combining stamina work with fartlekk training. say 3 CV sessions a week with 2 fartlekk inbetween. The fartlekk can be as Bombdr described or kept really simple. find a football pitch, do a few laps warm up and then sprint the short bits and recover/jog the long bits, followed by a few laps warm down. you can increase the number of laps you do the sprint/jog bit for and also once confidant you can sprint the long stretches and jog/recover teh short bits.

    Good luck
  12. The whole point of fartlek is thats its unstructured. You sprint for as long as you like, the next lampost, tree, dog poo etc then you jog REALLY SLOWLY to recover then repeat. The REALLY SLOWLY bit is in caps because I never knew this and just used to do normal running. Go on a theory of run like fcuk until you cant run anymore, then dead slow to recover. You can either do a whole session of fartlek or just a small section of your daily run.
  13. For me, and I stress FOR ME, I find fartlek too unstructured and perfer interval training. I use an Ipod and Nike+ system and found this a) a great motivator/ way to track my progress in the early days and b) the downloadable training sessions absolutely brilliant at helping me improve my run times (I went from a 13 minute 1.5 miles to sub 9.30 over the course of a few months - note: I am knocking on a bit so you should find a much faster improvenment than I did mind you :wink: :roll: )

    If you have an Ipod or simply an MP3 player (and don't want to use the Nike+ system), download alberto salizar (I think thats how you spell his name) interval training from Nike+ . Follow his advice and watch the speed and your VO2 max go through the roof! Also, for further advice without the sarcasm/ crap you usuaqlly get on here :roll: try this linky everything you ever wanted to know about fitness but were afraid to ask! Good luck.. Oh, and get yourself a good sports bra (unless you happen to run past my house :twisted: :wink: )

    Edited to add: I just noticed your post about stamina. Again, I can only post what I find works for me but ; longer steady mid paced runs on mixed terrain (cross country etc) will build stamina gradually. Once fittness improves, incorporate some good hills into your route. Start out with 4 to 6 miles and work up from there. Join your local running club is a great way to get motivated and good advice :)
  14. PHP:

    mate ideally you want to be running 10
    ,30 by the time you get to basic.
    i run 9,03 an i run every dayyet people who do **** all run 8,30. 
    my trick is running about 6 miles
    little bit of hill rep's and then few sprints thrown in.  

    just what iv done iv been in for 2 years now.
  15. I would suggest just going on some longer runs.

    As long as you have 2-3 months and aren't overweight, you don't need to kill yourself to pull a sub 10 min 1.5 miler.

    Just start off at 20 minutes running and build up to 45, then start working on speed.
    Once you can cruise 8 minute miles (which is a slow jog really) for 45 minutes, doing a 1.5 miler in sub 10 minutes will be easy.

    edit- alternatively depending on if you develop injuries (high milage from low milage too quickly leads to injuries), get a heart rate monitor and start exercising for 45 minutes- 1 hour keeping the HR lower then 150.