Fartlek or Interval training?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by STAB2ARABConverter, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. I prefer using the Fartlek technique myself as it has both a funny name and is based around the determination and the fitness of the runner. In contrast i find that interval training can be quite demoralising. Just wondered what everyone else uses when running, if they use either at all! :?

  2. i prefer fartlek training myself bt interval training is also good try doin a bit of both because interval traing can help increase ya speed
  3. So can fartlek training, i find it also chops down your run times like a tree. How many intervals are you looking at? I reckon someone can train for a a longer time using the fartlek method but i agree it is slightly less intense.
  4. i usualy use both (1 of each per week) the fatrlek may be 45 mins with 10 x efforts at varying intensity and the intervals is either 12x200m 0r 8x400m with another few runs in the week the bft two 6 milers and a long run (about 1.5 hours steady) i founf this perfect for me but since breaking my foot last month ive done nothing except a few cycles :eek:(
  5. Unlucky on the foot. Sounds like such a good workout plan i might try it next week! However ill take out the 1.5 hr run and do a couple of 1.5 milers as i havent joined up yet. Did it in 9.53 today and was quite chuffed :D. Would like to get it down to sub 9 minutes before selection though. (Personal Pride) Any tips on increasing performance over the 1.5 mile stretch? Do you prefer interval to fartlek? **** to vaginal?
  6. i prefer fartlek as i can really push myself flat out till i can go no more then slow it down till i get my breath back a bit and really play with it (like sprint backwards up a slight hill works the calfs big time) but intervals are really good for gaining speed for getting faster on 1.5 miler try lenthening your stride or run it like fartlek 400m flat out 200m jog etc and see how that goes
    id put one long run a week to build your endurance rate and to help promote capilurisation between heart and lungs you will notice the diff in your fast runs if you do
  7. Yeh i know what you mean about being able to push yourself using fartlek. Cheers for the advice. I prefer longer runs anyway i feel like im doing a lot more. I used to be on the regional rowing team for the West Mids and my lung capacity and muscle stamina have benefited massivley. Recommended exercise and a good pish up is never far away at a regatta! Is there an Army rowing team? I didnt ask my AFCO when i handed in my med questionaire.