Fart etiquette; humorous retorts after release

or, witty interjections following a horse and cart, intended to lighten an otherwise embarassing moment.

I'll start with;

(parp) 'What's that Skippy?'

(parp again) 'The miners are in trouble?'

In your own time, go on...
'Shot, out!'
As a nipper I let a sneaky one out at a Football game. Aged 10 I could not come up with a retort when the Fratton End started singing "Who the effing hell dropped that..."

More tea vicar just would not do!!!
Ease Springs or Speak up, Brown, you're coming through.
oi tart....Get your head under the covers and chew on that.
The turtles head is nearly through
Speak, O Toothless one.
One thats little understood in Civvy strasse

'Patch up & move back to 200'
Change mags!
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