FARSE/Rebalancing a damp squib - why did we wait so long?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BuggerAll, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There are 2 threads running on FARSE so I thouht I'd start a post announceemnt one.

    I'm dissapointed by the announceemnt. Given that there was not really anything stunning in it why did it take so long to do? I don't understand why this could not all have been announced at the same time as FAS.

    2 possibilities spring to my mind - either we're not important enough for them to have been bothered or there was a lot of political squabbling going on and this 'structure' is the result of horse trading not the needs of national defence. Eiter way not the MoDs finest hour!
  2. As ever, probably a function of both.

    The devil will be in the detail - we haven't seen the C2 strutures yet nor the full impact of MATT, OAR, Officers Trg, re-equipment, unit affiliations, etc.

    This has set the tone for the TA to align itself with the Regular Army,solely for more frequent mobilisation. It's a clever trick as it looks benign on the surface but is potetntially the most significant change in the TA since it's inception. I say potentially as it will depend on the ability of all involved to 'follow-through'. IF OAR makes no difference to retention or COs sign off individuals for their bounty without achieving MATTs, we'll be back where we started in five years time.
  3. Wingletang, spot on mate. Interesting to see the rest ofthe info, not just which unit is going where, and with what.

    I can understand them trying to align the TA alongside the regs, either to bring standards up or reduce other standards. May help with training, learning to use new and better eqpt, but I think the whole thing misses the most important bits of the TA, it is voluntary, most of us work full-time, most of us are not as fit as the regs, and cannot always get to a gym every day, most of us have families and 'other' activities in our lives, as well as devoting a large amount of our spare time to the TA.

    My unit has benefited from a move and re-structuring, but like you, I wait for the rest
  4. Wingletang has done the old nail - hammer trick, the details will make or break this little deal.

    Mind you, it does look very straightforward viewed from one direction - if the changes require an increase in the time committed by the Volunteer then we will have fewer joining up and staying in. If I wanted to spend more time in green I'd join the Regulars. Try and turn me into a Regular without the full salary and a pension and I'm not interested. And I wil also be unable to find a civvy job, employers are not going to pay for someone so the MoD can get a soldier on the cheap at their expense.

    I cannot escape the concern that the details will be implemented by Regulars with no experience of what makes Volunteers and their employers tick and as a result the Law of Unintended Consequences will screw us right up. I would love to be proved wrong.
  5. Ditto spot on.

    This has been my big concern over the whole thing in that we're comparing apples and pears, and hoping they'll both look like an orange.

    The essential difference is that if you are a Regular, it's all you do. You don't have another employer, or a mortgage, or kids at normal schools or a wife who has little or nothing to do with the Army. We (the TA) live a completely different existence apart from those relatively brief sojourns into uniform. They live and breathe green and cannot see outside the narrow world that it is. This isn't a criticism, more an acknowledgment of reality. So, to try and align the two organisations so closely will only have one long term impact - only those willing to be mobilised and therefore willing to jump through all of the various hoops on the road to "readiness" will stay. So, either the TA manages to recruit 42,000 of these people or it will continue to shrink to a natural critical mass that reflects the real number of people that are willing to mobilise at any one time (15k?).

    In the meantime, the movers and shakers, the backbones of the units, the hierarchy, the barman/stores/guard/black economy will dry up and the regulars will have to either command units or subsume them into their own C2 structure.

    Either way, it's the end of the TA as we know it. It may be time to get what you can .....
  6. concur
  7. Was disappointed with the lack of information made available, the Army didn't make use of ArmyNet to keep us informed. All the real information has leaked from this site and still leaves me rather concerned. I am begining to seriously doubt I should be in an organisation like the TA, I am looking at reducing my commitment - as a father I have a duty to my children. It sounds like the two are to become incompatible, I know what choice I should make.

    Is the TA to be recruited solely from youngsters, students and the unemployed?

    Is the only viable option is for me to become a specialist (and be treated with more respect) or leave the TA.
  8. Ouch! Polar - sad day.

    Rebalancing not just of the TA, but of your life? - is it that bad? - maybe the devil is in the detail but maybe too, the devil will be in how WE implement it.

    The TA is a lage oil tanker and without a lot of money and massive support, nothing will change that quickly. And we all know that there isn't going to be any more money or any support.

    Cheer up - wait 'til you see the rest of it!
  9. No, its a quality of life issue. Her indoors has had to deal 12 working day weeks for many years now (and screaming kids!), less TA would mean more time outdoors - gardening, camping, walking etc.
  10. Same old story - do more with less!

    One wonders what planet these people are living on when they expand our orbat despite the fact that we cannot recruit for the current one as the situation stands - while simultaneously moving to 'one army recruitment'.

    Promises of extra PSIs to support the recruiting process doesn't seem to me to be the answer for getting blokes into the TA.
  11. See my notes on the other thread - TA (less OTC ) is now just 30,000, of which 5,000 are officers.

    and the outlfow of Officers remains higher than the inflow. Combine that with the increase in the maximum age and we'll be getting issue bath chairs soon.