FARRSE Take 2 - On line at 0630

OK early risers, foreigners, expats and anyone lucky enough to have a PC while on some form of stag - the site will all change to the new look and front page again at 0630.

If you do notice anything odd please post it here and thanks for being the guinea-pigs!
(Good CO in disguise)

Just noticed another glitch - clicking on the username in the forums doesn't link to a profile anymore - call this a @known issue@ and I'll sort it out once we're up and running.
I've noticed a glitch. The avatars are on the left... :D

All looks fine from here. Wonder how long the site will last this time!!
Is the huge blank space(s) on the front page deliberate?

Above the picture and the like?

Good luck with the MK2 version anyway.
After a quick runaround,all seems fine.
Avatars on the left...........Thankyou.
Seems to respond pretty fast as well.
I'll be on for a little while so will report back with any deficiences.
Looks great in Cyprus.
Steven said:
Is the huge blank space(s) on the front page deliberate?
Good spot that man. I never test enough. In IE6 there is a layout error on the front. I'll look at it now, but few enough people use IE6 that I won't call it a disaster and take the theme off again.
Yeah still using IE6. Not my fault this is a work PC and I am not allowed to "improve" it .
Looks good and post separation is much better.

Me also likey the avatar on the left in its proper place.

Good drills sparky.
Don't like the Avatar's on the left, can't they be on the right :?
sorry had to do itLooks great here in London, very quick, but you are going to get serious incoming from the hardcore old style masses :wink:
Good jod sir :salut:

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