Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Mar 6, 2008.

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    03/06/08 14:38 EST

    Sinn Fein has reacted angrily after being banned from
    honoring an IRA woman shot dead by the SAS with an event in
    the public rooms in the Stormont Parliament Building.

    The party had planned to honor the memory of Mairead
    Farrell, one of three IRA members shot dead 20 years ago in

    The commemoration was due to take place in the main Long
    Gallery function room tomorrow as part of celebrations to
    mark International Women's Day.

    However, unionists were outraged at the idea and demanded it
    be halted - after a series of meetings over several days the
    Assembly's all-party governing body finally tonight decided
    it was not appropriate to hold the controversial event in
    the room.

    The Sinn Fein MLA who planned the event, Jennifer McCann,
    said: "The decision is unfair and undemocratic. The building
    at Stormont is supposed to be a shared public space for

    She said the party was very disappointed. "All of the other
    parties on the Assembly Commission, the SDLP, the Alliance
    Party, the UUP and the DUP all blocked this event to mark
    International Women's Day."

    Ms McCann added: "If the building at Stormont cannot be a
    shared space that reflects the history and culture of all
    the people in society then it must become a neutral space.
    It cannot continue to reflect one tradition and one culture."

    Sinn Fein would be meeting in the morning to consider their
    response to the decision, she said. However the party was
    expected to try to press ahead with the event in its own
    private office at Stormont.
  2. Will be interesting to see what the repercussions, if any, are from this. I think Sinn Fein was trying to appeal to the hardcore republicans with this stunt.
  3. Aw, did the poor wee terrorist bastard scum bags not get their own way then? Oh well, I suppose they'll blow up a few women and children to get it off their chest. Wasn't that girl a dyke?
  4. Well, I hope PSF is beyond the blowing up of innocents - as it didn't work for them then and now they would lose all those perks :roll: . As to her being a dyke - don't think so, her lover was an RA man.
  5. you might find thats 'appease'
  6. You are right. Better choice of words.
  7. Jennifer McCann said today:
    Gerry Adams said last week:
    I love the way the Shinners can always do things like this with a straight face.
  8. Sinn Fein have held the event at Stormont, just in a different room, according to BBC News.

    However, Omagh District Council (SF majority), have finally lost in their attempt to remove the words 'dissident republican terrorist' from a new memorial to the victims of the Omagh bomb. The wording the families of the vitims wanted will stand: "To honour and remember 31 people murdered and hundreds injured from three nations by a dissident republican terrorist car bomb."
  9. The Shinners were trying to have the word "Republican" left out completely. They are not going to place the original monument back into the new garden because it has dissident republican on it. Exactly what the families said would happen.

    The compromise has been to put the wording off the original stone into quotation marks followed by the words Omagh self help and support group. I think it is meant to make it look like an opinion rather than a fact.

    Clearer explanation here

  10. The brother of a well known dead solicitor was allegedly shagging her,he had a nice photo of her in his livingroom ,always got a few comments," should that photo not be on the range at Hereford" etc :twisted:
  11. Seamus Finucane was her boyfriend, mate, so really no surprise they would be shagging...
  12. Wah!
  13. No sh1t Sherlock,have you ever searched his house :roll:
  14. The point is - what else would she have been doing with him? :roll:
  15. A 'friend' of mine did politics at Queens with her. Just before she left for sunnier climes he lent her all his notes, despite being an arch Prod.

    Then she got herself in that spot of bother, and her face was on the telly-you should have seen his face.

    Never got his notes back, nor nothing.