Farnborough B52 flypast: is this gossip??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. There was supposed to be a B52 flypast at Farnborough at about 16:00.

    The bird did not show. Just after this a B52 was seen flying about 1500' down the M4 towards Reading.

    Was he looking for Farnborough on the left hand side of the M4, instead of the M3???

  2. Located as I am not too far from Blackbushe and Farnbourough I was most delighted to see a B52 come hurtling over my gaff in grand style yesterday.

    Whats he up to ? thinks I
    Ahhh Farnborough of course. Didnt think that he would be just a little bit out. I guess with the amount of bombs these things carry 6 miles wouldnt make much of a difference here or there now would it !!!

  3. True story from Afghanistan, Oct 01...

    Brit AWACS needs a route check done and the only thing available is a Spam B-52 drawing circles in the sky...

    Brit AWACS: 'Cadillac 01, Spartan...request you recce the road between lat/long xxx and lat/long yyy'

    Spam B-52: 'Roger that Sir!'

    Approx 10 mins later...

    Spam B-52: 'Spartan, Cadillac 01...we've wrecked the road between lat/long xxx and lat/long yyy but still have a 2 JDAM left. Do you have any further targets?'

    Stunned silence on the Brit AWACS...!

    Thankfully, there was no frat or civ casualties, but the road had a few potholes for a while!!

  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Maybe there was a wedding party or something at Blackbush - they seem to be attracted to those
  5. George W had probably tasked them with a sectret mission to drop a few daisycutters and take out a "confirmed" Al Quaeda sleeper cell in Woking before accidentally carpet bombing Combermere Barracks in a tragic blue on blue fog of war error:twisted: :twisted:
  6. Oh...having lived at Combermere for a while, I thought it had already been battered by B-52s.