Farnborough B52 flypast: is this gossip??

There was supposed to be a B52 flypast at Farnborough at about 16:00.

The bird did not show. Just after this a B52 was seen flying about 1500' down the M4 towards Reading.

Was he looking for Farnborough on the left hand side of the M4, instead of the M3???

Located as I am not too far from Blackbushe and Farnbourough I was most delighted to see a B52 come hurtling over my gaff in grand style yesterday.

Whats he up to ? thinks I
Ahhh Farnborough of course. Didnt think that he would be just a little bit out. I guess with the amount of bombs these things carry 6 miles wouldnt make much of a difference here or there now would it !!!

True story from Afghanistan, Oct 01...

Brit AWACS needs a route check done and the only thing available is a Spam B-52 drawing circles in the sky...

Brit AWACS: 'Cadillac 01, Spartan...request you recce the road between lat/long xxx and lat/long yyy'

Spam B-52: 'Roger that Sir!'

Approx 10 mins later...

Spam B-52: 'Spartan, Cadillac 01...we've wrecked the road between lat/long xxx and lat/long yyy but still have a 2 JDAM left. Do you have any further targets?'

Stunned silence on the Brit AWACS...!

Thankfully, there was no frat or civ casualties, but the road had a few potholes for a while!!



Maybe there was a wedding party or something at Blackbush - they seem to be attracted to those
George W had probably tasked them with a sectret mission to drop a few daisycutters and take out a "confirmed" Al Quaeda sleeper cell in Woking before accidentally carpet bombing Combermere Barracks in a tragic blue on blue fog of war error:twisted: :twisted:
Oh...having lived at Combermere for a while, I thought it had already been battered by B-52s.
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