Farnborough a Non Spotters thead


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I happened to be at Farnborough Airshow today, and ambushed the CDS,General Sir David Richards what a nice bloke. He knew all about Hols 4 H loves the work they are doing and took the time to say, If people are not helping, I want to know, if they are not doing what they should be doing I want to know. He knows how Hard MDN and his team work. MDN,s contact details given I was well chuffed he took the time to express his thoughts. PS good drills MDN BS YIM ,GUPR, pictures to follow on Sgt slingsby.org


This is excellent news. I have an ARRSE coin sat here engraved with CGS for the man himself

I was advised that he was a different type of person to Gen Dannett and to hold off for a while with the coin.

Do you think it is worth winging it to him now along with a Hols4H wristband? I might not send an 'MDN is Innocent' badge though!

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