Farnborough 06 - worth going?

Anyone know if there is anything new on the military side turning up at Farnborough this year or is it looking likely to be an updated version of Paris? Usual round of telephone calls this morning about who is going where but I'm bored of seeing the same things and listening to sale patter.

Unsubstantiated rumour, gossip and downright lying welcome. :wink:



P.S. If you are going down the lying route, I know Robinson hasn't got a gunship !! :lol:

I live in Farnborough (and what a arse hole it is) Theres been alot more intrest in the airshow this year, alot more advertising saying its going to be better then ever, but to tell you the truth its the same stuff every year, by the way dont get ripped off and go inside i can tell you some good places where you can see it for free! (not the stands just the flying)

I really don't want to crawl up there again unless it was going to be worth it given I don't have to go this year. Thanks for the other tip as well but go in on trade days and all costs are covered.

Same Paris, different place!

Can't see there being too much new, new milspec kit floating around. I'd imagine the A380 will do a low level demo, but aside from that I can't see it being too hot - if you can, blag gay Paris, it's much better than Farnborough anyway!

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