Farmers surprise

You guys know I live on a farm right? Well the other day this bloke comes and knocks on the door.

"I see you've got some buttercups, would you mind if I went and got some butter?"

"You don't get butter from butter cups you daft sod", replied I

"I have a degree in Agriculture" he said, "I know what I am doing" and sure enough he comes back with some butter.

The next day, Knock knock at the door and it's the same fella.

"Mr Farmer, I noticed that you also have some honey suckle, would you mind? I do have a degree in agriculture you know" So after calling him a big daft cnut I let him go. Sure enough, and much to my astonishment, he comes back with the honey.

The next day he's back and says "Mr Farmer, whilst I was out collecting the honey I also noticed that you've also got some pussy willow"

"Hang on" I said, "I'll put my boots on, i'm coming with you."
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