Farmer who used shotgun to chase off metal thief loses licence despite being cleared!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Well at least he's got BASC on the case and a S44 appeal underway I presume.

    Hope the guns were insured. I'd be pursuing the police for damage to them.

    If you do shoot and you're not a member of BASC I'd urge you to join. I know Ugly will say they are useless and to join the NGO but there is no doubt in my mind that BASC have the best firearms department of any of the organisations.
  2. I am absolutely disgusted by this.

    What a shoddy piece of writing, everyone knows it should be "... endured an horrendous ordeal ...".
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  3. He (probably) would have been ok if he had not fired. Discharging a 'firearm' in an unsafe manner is never going to go down well. Shame.

    As for the crim the poor lamb was traumatised, bless.
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  4. Still a bit vague on the details.

    What time of day was this incident? Did he knowingly take a weapon to confront the thie(f)ves or was he co-incidentally carrying it at the time?

    Clearly there wasn't enough evidence to support this, and the Police porbably thought it too otherwise it's likely the thief could have been charged with attempted murder too.

    Was the van driving away from him towards her or was he side on? Not enough detail and I'll wager there's a lot more regarding this than the Mail care to print.

    He discharged a weapon at someone who was potentially leaving the scene, it leaves little sympathy from this callsign

    Edited to add.

    The orginal story has him discharging, reloading and discharging again. So it appears it wasn't a quick shot to divert the van away from his mother but several shots aimed at the driver. And he only started firing after his mother fell down, ergo, the vehicle was past her and probably not a threat

    Farmer shot at thieves' van to save his mother's life. Now he could face attempted murder trial | Mail Online

    Oh dear.
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  5. Stand by for a claim for trauma, abuse and violation by another Eastern bloc pikey!
    Should have used the SRL, I say.
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  6. And there's the kicker right there.
    I was told by my FEO that while the initial shot(s) may be legally sound, reloading the weapon after you've emptied it and having another go will be a very sticky wicket to argue.
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  7. Just out of interest, did you instigate a conversation with him/her about using your guns for self defence of the home, or do you have a pretty close relationship and it just came up whilst chatting. Only reason I ask is that I only ever see mine on the five yearly renewal inspection, and wouldn't entertain bringing the subject up.
  8. Personally, I'd like to think that the gun cabinet would be the very last place I'd run to if my home were under attack. There is just too much can go wrong.

    If you're creative and think in advance, your homes are full of everyday items that can be used as improvised weapons of self defence, Jarrod started a thread on this (IIRC) some time back, and lots of sensible (and a few zany) suggestions came up.

    Bottom line: legally held guns are for sporting/hunting purposes, and nothing else.
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  9. You seem to be returning to some sort of normality with your last two posts....Hope it continues, as you made valid points!
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  10. Indeed it was after my elderly boss and his wife were robbed at knife point.
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  11. I would hope your gun cabinet is empty as you are a Prohibited person within the meaning of Section 21 of the 1968 firearms act.
  12. Bottom line was it wasn't a rabbit for his supper or a marauding fox, it was a human being even if it was a thieving scumbag human being.

    Shooting one of them or at one of them is still a big no no! Surely he must have really known that?

    Not a lot of sympathy to be honest from me. Now if he'd had a golf club or a cricket bat to hand, you know, something that wasn't a firearm and he was being taken to task, I'd say fair play to him.
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  13. I'm not going to bite. This isn't the Naafi mate.

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