Farm seizure warning in SA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Jones, Sep 18, 2007.

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    This is where I would have given my take on this but won't because I would sound "racist" and offend the godamnd lefty liberals on this site.

  2. the slaughter and killings now begins, will the last whites turn the lights off, madness has gripped these formerly prosperous Nations.

    with AIDs, poverty, stavation, depopulation, war, the whole continent will be one empty dustbowl by 2050.
  3. I hate to say it but ever since the ANC took power the South African government has been slipping ever so slightly towards some of the bad habbits of other governments on the continent. But of course since it's the ANC there's no way in hell they would ever be voted out of office no matter how badly they buggered things up.
  4. cool, if its empty, we can move in and mine the **** out of it, thereby making millions :twisted:
  5. It dosent matter that a certain type of person has farmed the land for years, feeding, clothing and paying generations of assistants to farm the land with them when a certain person RM fukcs it up by taking it all away!
    How many of the assistants will be able to work the land and manage the crops the way the other type of person did over generations.
    I take it the OXFAM will be getting money in the next few years because of a famine in SA? mindless morons is all i can say if the ANC go ahead with this stupid idea. Isnt it called ethnic cleansing? Nope that would be racist!
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Fcuk em. Corruption is endemic in black Africa, and thats just a fact not racist. Until such time as they decide to view it as a crime rather than a right then they deserve everything they have coming, or rather all they don't.

    The first world has become tired of financing their endless stealing and wars - look at the negative reaction to that last Geldof thing, and they weren't even asking for money.

    Why on earth did anyone think SA would be different to every other African country? Africans have squandered the opportunities given them by independance, they've made their bed now lie in it.
  7. aparthied was just a jolly jape and the blacks should be grateful :roll:

    ffs there just following the example the whites set several hundred years ago take the best land and kill anyone who argues :cry:
    its all going to get very very bloody but repress the majority of the population for long enough you don't be suprised when they turn round and kill you :evil:
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Thats not what I was saying and you know it. :roll:

    Its not about black and white its about the Africans inability to do anything without stealing a bit to take home.

    Almost all countries that gained their independence were in good order, Zimbabwe is a prime example and through corruption and missmanagement they have destroyed what was a first rate nation. According to the news this morning now 4 out of 5 Zimbabwians are below the poverty line. And it seems SA is heading down the same path.
  9. Of course that 'best' land was virgin bush back in the day or do you really think that the whites motored up the freeway and stole it farmstead and all.

    The most powerful tribes in both Zim and SA did not do 'farming'. They did farmers. Zulus, Matabele.

    That is wait till the harvest was in and then go kill the guys who farrmed and rape and plunder the spoils.

    Whites stopped that.

    Now they can return to the good old days of rape and plunder. Watch chaos ensue.

  10. This is nothing new , there has been a farm and land grab policy here since ive been comeing here, over 6 years now. There argument is that they are giving the land back to the rightful owner, the tribe or familys that were on it prior to the Dutchman settling there.
    The problem is that the Govt do not pay the white farmer what the land is worth and when they move in they more or less demolish the farm, and let the land run to ruin. Down to ignorance and not having a scoobey what has to be done.
    There has been conflict between white farmers and workers for years however it seems to be stired up by this individual lately. Not hard to know theres an election coming in a bit.
    I personaly dont think we will see another Zimbadwae here, the blacks still need the skills of the whites at this present time.
    However in 10 years or more who knows. Africa is unpredictable and always has been, its like a rocking chair goes forward then back, depending on whos grabbed the power at the time.
    I for one love the country, i iknow thats hard for some to understand. Especialy those that has never got further than Tenerife. However i will always have a backup plan should things go tits up. For now though i feel no threat.
  11. ANC got vast amount of the population who've got shite and had shit for a generation same in zim.
    they were not in great shape at independence wasn't helped by the US and soviets playing a round of the cold war there.
    how many corrupt scumb bags were feted by oil companies arms salesmen
    and dodgy loans? Mugabe was such a bad person we sold him hawks (after his Korean trained guys had massacred his way across matableland :evil: )
    but black killing blacks ok only started whineing when he picked on the whites.
    theres loads of blame to go around its not just africas fault :cry:
  12. CRE take note.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Ahh its our fault, oh of course. We left all those countries is such a bad state when we left, functioning civil services and public utilities.

    How exactly did we fcuk Zimbabwe up in the last five years though? Did we confiscate the white owned farms and then not have a clue about how to farm them? Was it our fault that as a result they can't feed the population and inflation is running at something like 20,000%? Is it our fault that mugabes bully boys torture and murder the population? SA is thinking about some of the same tactics and of course its our fault.

    How stupid of me. :oops:
  14. So another African country thats being run by Black Africans, after kicking out the Whites is going down the pan, no surprise there then.

    Black Africans are not able to run a country. They can however take a rich, fertile country and ruin it.