Farewell to Waddell - The Voice of Darts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Democritus, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. I'm distraught at the loss of Sid Waddell, the (more or less) Geordie Voice of Darts, whose inimitable bollocks (Cambridge degree or not) set the lowbrow seal on many a bleary-eyed night in my youth, before collapsing onto the pit after a piss-up in the NAAFI, or wherever. Gems I remember include "Eric Bristow, the preying (sic) mantis, preying on another opponent" and "Wee Jocky Wilson - ah, he knows every trick in the book". Quite what 'tricks' you can play in a game of darts, other than outright cheating - or perhaps farting violently as your oppo lines up double-top to win - we will now never learn, as Sid has gone to the great 180 in the sky.

    BBC News - Sid Waddell, the voice of darts, dies aged 72
  2. Good, easily the, most irritating voice on tele, and he started the craze for irritating geordie voiceovers.