Farewell to the Staffords

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by McVitie, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    2 good mobs coming together.

    I hope thier officers and SNCOs are mature enough to avoid the 20 yrs of bitchiness that afflicted my regiment, after the 4th Bn was "amalgamated".

    Best of luck to the Mercians (wasn't that a TA Regiment's name, for a while?)
  2. It was Stonker, in Birmingham it became C Coy of the cap badge o'heroes.

    Indeed best of luck to the Mercians. The rebel base still holds out though :D

    Old Mercians (V) website here http://www.mercianregiment.org.uk/

    Can't believe there are photos of Clive A looking young.
  3. Good luck to the Mercians but they'll always be the Staffords to me. I joined them in 1958 when the depot had amalgamated but we still wore North and South cap badges. My son was in them (TA) as the Mercian Volunteers and 3rd Staffords.
    Forgot to add, My father served in the Cheshires from 1920n to 1924 in India.
  4. Looking at the photographs, there's no sign of Band & Drums - only a bass drummer.

    Please tell me that they didn't have a parade with only a bass drum beat to march to
  5. Haven't the Mercians been the staple classic enemy on countless FTX's for years? Now there is an actual Mercian army who is the new pretend enemy now? Staff officers must be working overdrive.
  6. PT Pongo, Chive was young once, I heard a rumour to that effect and there is the evidence
  7. Yes that was us, thundering across STANTA through the nettles at night in our Land Rovers, line abreast, headlights on, firing Schermulys ahead of us. Just like a real Motor Rifle Battalion! Then we re-badged as 3 STAFFORDS.

    Or are you confusing us with the 3rd Fantasian Shock Army?
  8. My dad still bemoans the fact the Sherwood Foresters were amalgamated with the Worcesters !
  9. Arcadian Revolutionary Subversive Element is a fave.
  10. I'm not happy with it, I think those photos have been photoshopped to make him look younger :D What that man didn't know about signalling could have been writ on a very very small postage stamp.

    Lovely evocative photos of the TA around the time of Spearpoint, Lionheart and Crusader too.
  11. Ex 3 Staffords here.

  12. [​IMG]
    If that's you it seems odd I don't remember you!
    I was there from formation to October 1990 when I moved out of the area. 2 Mercian before that.
  13. You were before my time pops.


    I was in B coy.
  14. Did you have a thin missus who dressed like that but with denim shorts over the top? Nursey type?