Farewell to GLEANER


Will it get weighed in or should we be watching Withams?
Put a GPMG on the bow and it become a fast attack gun boat!


It seems the paddies are building its replacement


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The last HMS Magpie was commanded 1950-52 by now-Lord-High-Admiral then Lt Cdr Prince P. Somebody on the Ship Names Committee (I should think nowadays a VERY part-time body) has chalked up a Brownie point.
Noticed that we seem to be selling off / decommissioning more and more ships / boats ?
The two A/C's are encouraging,but when are all the others arriving ?

I know it's all about Funding - but staffing / crewing seems to be a problem now ?

The Fame of the RN is STILL strongly in Spanish ( and French ) minds - Trafalgar et al...
and we need to keep our Navy up to our standards - scares the hell out of them.:-D
A bit small, would make a good Pilot boat for a harbor master?
Or the Indian navy might take it up, they had most of our CS95 clothing!
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