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Title :Farewell Raj

... Author Tony Hearne

Publisher Tommies Tales

ISBN 978-0-9555698-6-9

RRP £11.95

Arrsed score 4 out of 5

Well if this is title is anything to go by I'm really looking forward to the other "Tommies Tales" books,
Mr Hearne has written a riveting account of his experience's during the Partition of India at the end of the British Raj, In a time of extreme violence that has almost been completely whitewashed from history. Even though I have seen some of the films about this time, Bhowani Junction, and Ghandi, I had thought that the killings were just isolated incidents. but Mr Hearne's book has proven this not to be so.The slaughter of almost a complete Battalion of troops seems to me amazing that it has been forgotten by all except those who were there,in fact the rail journey becomes a nightmare and then the fighting for survival while hiding in the mountains makes this little book very worth reading, But it is only 160 pages long and not much more than a short story and I would not want to spoil it for you so I'll keep this short and sweet, I most certainly recommend this book to fellow ARRSE book freaks.

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