Farewell Parade Osnabruck 19 July 08

Was anyone there? If anyone has any photographs of the parade I'd appreciate some copies if possible. Please PM me if you can help
and in one newspaper there was some kind of retrospect

*i'm sure all who were there in '89 will remember these*

no idea whether these are of any interest for you - or at least some of them

but thought there might be others who remember their time in osnabrück

if no one is interested - simply delete it
Cheers, saw these already, but if anyone has photos which they took themselves yesterday I'd be very grateful to recieve them!
i'm sure all who were there in '89 will remember these*

and again in 96.

Can´t say i´ll miss the place, couldn´t get in to many clubs and pubs if you were a young tom. Apart from the utter dives.

What was the name of the club with the really steep stairs and a kebab shop at the bottom?


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That would be Broadways.......shiitehole but the local frauleins were willing.

Have to say, I will miss traz. Went back there working as a civvy two years ago, and was surprised at how the place has tidied up.....or maybe I was sober in parts of town that I had never been to.
Blokes playing topless rugger, what a thoroughly bloody manly picture.


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