Farewell J R Ewing - and Larry Hagman

BBC News - Larry Hagman star of Dallas dies at 81

Larry Hagman most famous for playing beloved TV villain JR Ewing, bedding all of the beautiful stars, has died at the age of 81.

"Even on the hardworking set of Dallas, he consumed five bottles of champagne a day for years." Sadly, he dies from cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. A soldiers death, perhaps. Despite all this, he did a great deal for charity.

I don’t think he bedded Pam though.
I loved Priscilla Presley!
Charriddy??? Surely there's no Saville connection.

"Jimmy pardner, that is just wrong!"
Why does the BBC have this as one of the main stories on their news website? Oh, because they think the most inane US story is major news, the **** wits.
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