Farewell intercourse Law

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by padme, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Nearly 14 years now.
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  2. Thank heavens that dastardly Mubarak is out of the way. That's all I have to say.
  3. What?...you mean it's been illegal over here?...good job the witch ex didn't know that...what do you get for 20 years of (unsuccessfully) attempted crime?....8-O
  4. I'm not so sure I could manage sex 6 hours after I died!!! I'll give it a fucking good go though, once the time comes :)
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  5. Probably move around and respond a bit more than some of my ex-es!
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  6. What's all the fuss, I have shagged hundreds of corpses. Few wimmin put much effort in.
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  7. As the old line goes, "Is your daughter sexually active?" "No, she just lies there like her mother."
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  8. Presumably in the case of the wife having it off with her dead husband she would have to wait until rigor mortis had set in. :)
  9. Badoom - Tisch
  10. At least they can't say no...
  11. perhaps a water bed or one of those vibrating beds may be of some help with that?
  12. Yes, let's join all the other good Liberals and wave out hands in the air for the wonderful freedoms of the Arab Spring. Egyptians are now free to persecute Jews and Coptic Christians as much as they please, and to get back to the repression of women, honour killings and clit-removal. They'll soon be free enough to start chucking acid over their ex-wives again.

    Three cheers for freedom! Cunts.
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  13. Fuck her while she,s still warm, now where have I heard that before??
  14. Was it at the Inuit tribal gathering?