Farewell Friends and Keep Your Heads Down

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. For those that know me (and are still on speaking terms) the removals men have finished here and a hopefully more illustrious career awaits me in the Oz Army starting on Mon.

    Hopefully I'll be able to institute Friday afternoons in the Oz equivalent of the PMC and for those who may be concerned don't worry they have Strongbow down there.

    Thanks for being part of my life and making it such a laugh and stay safe. I'm sure I'll continue to lurk and post occasionally.

  2. Good luck to ya fella ! :D

  3. Dont they have internet in Oz then?
  4. lucky bastard! good luck and hope it goes well :D
  5. Same again,

    Lucky fecker, have a good time and all the best to your better life down under!

    (but i did hear that they had electrickery and tinterweb malarkey down there now.....)
  6. You're going to prison arnt you???

    Mind you they have internet there too!
  7. I had no reason to fall out with you untill now.............................

    I'm as jealous as fcuk. Good luck. :D
  8. Good luck fellah!
  9. Mate

    Its been an absolute pleasure and honor to work with you, an education too. Some of my best memories from my career coincide with times working with you. All the very best down under, Mrs Eye_Spy wishes you luck too.

    Lets hope you have no one like ST down there! You know what I mean.

    Keep in touch on the obvious

  10. Farewell combatintman. Many a drunken session in TGF during you IDM days!
  11. Are you by any chance doing a long-ish course at the Defence Intelligence Training Centre at Canungra after your arrival? If so, I'll see you there.
  12. Almost certainly - but they haven't given me the course dates yet. I know I won't be qualified for my new role until March next year.
  13. I'll see you, probably, between 6 - 16 Sep. Good luck.
  14. I'd just like to welcome New Bruce, and remind him about rule#1.
  15. and there is noooooooooooooooo rule 6.