Farewell, Bumper


Get back in the Bumper, Farewell thread immediately you swines!

Is that alcohol L/Pte Jones? Well? Hand it over...now cut along.

(Waits. Waits some more.)

Both Bumper and Pope Pious Blue_Sophist are currently unavailable as they downed an industrial sized container of floor cleaner between them last night. Twixt the periods of self-flagellation and dribble-mouthed righteousness they proclaimed themselves Saints, burning images of the cross on their turgid button mushrooms before entering each other's mouths in a frenzy of charidee related gay antics. The pair of cunts.

During the latter stages of lower colon mining, B_S supped 4 bottles of Brasso, the remainder of a Toilet Duck and a Glade Plug In. The raging alcoholic cunt.
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