Farewell and RIP Mark

As most of you are probably aware the Corp lost a another good lad this week. Cpl Mark Cridge of 7 sigs was a good young lad who I can happily say I had the honour to serve with until very recently. I thought I would just start this so that people can in some way pay there respects or remember Mark in some manner. Im sure all our heartfelt sympothies are with his family at this time. Sleep well Mark, we'll miss ya mate.
RIP Mark - I am sure it will be a great loss to the corps.

I don't know him but he must have gone through training around the same time as I did. it really makes you think.

Keep safe all of those still out there.
a mate of mine, did basic and blandford with him. top bloke will be sorely missed by all. i sure do miss ya fella.

dont know why, and cant understand the reasons... prolly never will. still got the memories and some fcuking cracking ones they are too :) .

condolences to the family.

rest easy mate
RIP pal never knew you however all the Army brethren are linked
Duty rumours are just that and best left to where they belong in the bin.

I for one had the pleasure of serving with him, an inspiration to most and never a bad word or a whinge about anything :(

RIP Clownshoes, you will be missed fella :(
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