Farewell Amarah.

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British troops abandoned a major base in southern Iraq
"This is the first Iraqi city that has kicked out the occupier!" trumpeted a message from Sadr's office that played on car-mounted speakers in Amarah
Maj. Charlie Burbridge, a British military spokesman, said the last of 1,200 troops left Camp Abu Naji, just outside Amarah, at noon Thursday, after several days of heavy mortar and rocket fire by a local militia
The withdrawal sparked wide-scale looting
Burbridge acknowledged that constant shelling of the base in Amarah by militia forces, including 17 mortar rounds fired in recent days that wounded three people, were part of the reason the camp closed.
jubilant residents flocked to Sadr's office to offer their congratulations. Drivers in the street honked their car horns in celebration. Some prepared to take to the streets to rejoice.
paveway_3 said:
Well there is a lot more to it than that newspaper report , but this is
not the place to discuss it .

Previously I thought that ARRSE is exactly the right place for such discussions.

For example, I see here a clear connection with the Lebanese war. It showed an effective tactics for the insurgents. So we could expects attacks where AT-missiles would be used and likely Hezbollah-style Katyusha strikes against American and even maybe (God forbid) British bases.
paveway_3 said:
KGB this is an on-going situation and due to security i suggest its left until
its all over .
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