Fare Thee Well SpaceShip One

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 21, 2004.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3811881.stm

    Pilot is in his 60's! Excellent :D

    Well, the flight is launching in the next hour, so fingers crossed for man's latest advance into the final frontier
  2. Fireball XL5 revisited. "Gamma rays on, Yobba rays on" and it was ready for lift-off. Those chaps at Nasa don't half love to complicate things. :lol: But I thought the final frontier was just north of Al Amarah.......shows how much I know. :cry:
  3. Does that mean no food or in flight entertainment?
  4. It's like Virgin flgihts. They take their own fish suppers. And I-pods.
  5. has it creamed in yet? shot down by US jets as it was using a desert training camp as HQ?
  6. It's a prime victim for Patriot.
  7. must say i am waiting for something to go tits up and reading about the pilot buying the farm! theres too much to go wrong surely?

    wonder how much profit they will make from the $10 million?

  8. It went very well

    Just saw the Driver, hyper as feck, striking a blow for senior citizens everywhere. Good skills.

    Cost at the moment is $100,000 a shot, but they can see that price coming down quickly.
  9. Naff all - it's cost them more than twice that so far already!

    They just want to be first and develop the technology so that they gat sell it to the companies who are going to go into the market.

    To win the prize they've got to register the attempt, fly a flight to higher than 100k with a pilot and two passengers (or equivalent ballast), then repeat it with two weeks. Not bad - shuttles take months to cycle between flights and they get virtually rebuilt!

    Does anyone know the nationality of the pilot? He didn't sound like a spam when I heard him on the radio.
  10. Dinuba, California.
  11. Getting to the height they want to was first done with 1940's technology. What they've done that's so impressive is to simplify the kit to the point it's probably quite reliable (fingers crossed).

    Whereas NASA has traditionally designed for maximum performance - with every bit stressed to the limit - this design is very conservative. The corollary is of course that it will not be as capable but as it does what it needs to who cares ?

    For instance when the shuttle et al re-enter they come screaming in and heat up dramatically - hence all sorts of exotic materials, very careful design etc etc. This thing just unfolds the rear end and sedately descends like a huge dandelion (not a very good description, but look at the pics and you'll see what I mean). Hence no heating, and no need to design for extremes.

    Marvellous really - the only surprise is that it's taken so long. The story of how private enterprise in this area in the US has been stifled and suppressed by NASA is quite interesting and something reminiscent of the Soviet Union rather than the land of the free - but I digress.