Farage...The next PM?

Keep on believing those carefully edited clips Grac's, as doing do will stop your head bursting until May 24th... View attachment 393109
Who is carefully editing clips brainiac? Some of you believe that his arseholiness didn't have ameltdown on Marr....
I see what you're saying, but I'm not sure it would meet that much resistance. The thing to consider is that the country have been brow beaten into moving in a direction that, largely speaking, they didn't want to move in.

Successive governments have forgotten the generally accepted tenet that says "you can't change a belief system through force of arms". All you do by brow beating people is produce a population that only really gives lip service to that direction, but who may not actually, genuinely believe in it. The soul remains intact even though the body has had a beating.

It only takes someone to shout "about turn", and I think people will happily do so.
Such as "Eastern Europe" (now "Central Europe"), enduring 50 years of Soviet suppression/oppression by force, until the were allowed to freely express their own wishes.

I fully expect some of them - particularly the Visegrad Four - to follow us through the BREXIT door, once we have escaped!


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A slickly dressed, plausible charlatan, offering questionable quality political reform at dubious prices?
With an interesting habit of expenses abuse?

That is not the OED definition which is:
Person living by his wits without regular work; one who engages in petty blackmarket dealings.

Still, you have only taken a couple of days to think of your attempt so you are obviously trying.
BBC News has just shown a clip of PMTM arriving at The Elysee in her official car - with the Union Flag on the front upside down.
It could be gen, did you see the size and solidity of the chain round her neck in Paris, looked like she was about to be hauled off to pick cotton.
BBC News has just shown a clip of PMTM arriving at The Elysee in her official car - with the Union Flag on the front upside down.
The driver must have a sence of humour! ;) .
At least he didn't go the full Shapiro. Still, he was exposed.
Shapiro apologised later for not knowing who afn was. I think....and for calling him a lefty... :D
I know, I know...you don't care...anything or anyone for your dream...

“But do you still agree though that there should be no censorship of the internet?” asked the interviewer.

“Yes,” replied Fox

“And that includes child porn?”


Asked again if child porn videos “should be banned” she replied “no”. She does say she finds child porn vile and I suppose deserves some credit for that. But then she goes and spoils it all by adding “actually most child porn is not child porn because it’s simulated.” Well some is, some isn’t.

Do you really believe that the majority of immigrants to the UK make a net contribution or is it just rhetoric?

Are there reliable figures to support your assertion, that don't come from a left wing think tank/gaslightling site.

Or is the truth as we all suspect that many immigrants and their vastly extended families are a net drain on the UK, in particular the NHS.

The problem being of course thanks to political correctness figures are not available, If WE even knew the current state of immigration.

I did not claim that immigrants make a net contribution. You did. I am saying it is not immigrants that will destroy the NHS.

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