Farage...The next PM?

And over the last few days it's been John G, or are you too as incapable of answering a straight question as he ?
You miss him don't you?

Ask an honest question and you'll get an honest answer. Can't say fairer than that. If you're going to get into shit I haven't said or take stuff out of context you can GTF.
<straight face>
Oh, c'mon - who hasn't heard his boss discussing a new project and quickly registered all the likely domain names with their "other" online account and waited for an email expressing an interest in buy...


Just me, then.
Economy of effort and I don't give a FWP. Remainers who believe that Remain won the EU election are stupid.
Good for you, I've not made any statement of my belief other that to say that the country is still split. I don't need to believe thanks.
And now for something completely Farage


Dear Supporter,

The Peterborough by-election was a remarkable result for the Brexit Party.

Our party is just eight weeks old. We had only two weeks to campaign after our tremendous victory in the European elections. Yet we came within 683 votes of unseating the Labour Party and we beat the Tories into third.

Peterborough was 201st on the Brexit Party’s list of potentially winnable Westminster seats. If we can come so close there, then no Labour or Tory seat is safe any longer.

We have scared the life out of the establishment parties. The latest YouGov poll already puts us in the lead nationally, six points ahead of the rest.

Where next for the Brexit Party? Come to our The Big Vision national rally at the NEC Birmingham on Sunday 30th June.

At the NEC Birmingham we’ll be talking about:
  • The Brexit Party’s future policy direction
  • Our General Election campaign - and announcing our first candidates
  • How you can be involved
  • Plus there will be a chance to meet all of your new Brexit Party MEPs
Date: Sunday 30th June 2019
Venue: Hall 9, NEC, North Avenue, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT
Time: Doors 2pm, Start 4pm

To book your tickets for the political event of the summer, clink on the Eventbrite link here:

The Brexit Party: The Big Vision Rally

If you want to be part of shaping the way we change politics for good, come to the NEC Birmingham on 30th June. I look forward to seeing you all there.


Nigel Farage
Leader, The Brexit Party

Promoted by Toby Vintcent on behalf of The Brexit Party, at 83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW,



Book Reviewer
Over 53,000 people voted to Leave the EU in Peterborough and your vote yesterday was 9,801. Some of those will have been first time voters. This should have been a shoe-in.

Farage as PM, hardly.
Interesting update - perspective - from this bloke . . .


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