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Farage, the morons messiah....

The bloke is Anjem Choudhury for Honkeys.

Makes money off telling people what they want to hear, and will never accept responsibility for anything he says or does.
A beyond stupid comparison.

So far beyond, you have run out of petrol, had to book in to a B&B for the night and have a long journey ahead of you to get back on the right road again.
Well they scare the sh*t out of me with their Identity politics, BLM and taking the knee.
Identity politics - The tories have been in charge these past 10 years and done absolutely nothing to stop it and in point of fact parrot the line.
BLM - Is a quasi-terrorist group just like extinction rebellion. But, because they're have some sections of the middle class onside, they're are granted a pass, that pass includes the tories, maybe not taking the knee but ignoring the pressure put on citizenry and providing zero opposition.

The entire point of Starmers nicey-nicey approach is to appear as conservative as the conservatives, but once in power will deliver a 'change' agenda as radical as Blair. I'm afraid the country has a lot of doped white mice(song).

Yes, Labour is worse but only in the sense of degree and out of europe I think we need a genuine change and that will only come from farage, or another.
A beyond stupid comparison.

So far beyond, you have run out of petrol, had to book in to a B&B for the night and have a long journey ahead of you to get back on the right road again.

We'll agree to disagree, but that is a wonderful metaphor!


Book Reviewer
They, The BREXIT PARTY, are re-forming, re-structuring, re-branding themselves . . .

[Dated Friday 04 December 2020].

Dear Supporter,

The speed at which The Brexit Party was formed last year was almost as astonishing as the success it had in 2019.

The idea that in just a few short months a new political party could be registered, tens of thousands of supporters enlisted, donors found and campaigns readied, all in advance of winning a national election was unthinkable to anybody - until we went at did it!

Having won the European elections, removed a hapless Prime Minister, changed the political landscape of the country and delivered a pro-Brexit majority in Parliament (saving Brexit in the process), we are now ready for the next chapter in the evolution of our party.

Changing Politics for Good was always going to need more than just Brexit.

As is ever the case, the unsung heroes from our efforts last year were the thousands of campaigners who gave up their time, energies and efforts to help deliver our collective message to the people of Britain. I will say it again because I can never say it enough - to you all, thank you.

Now we are committed to building a fresh structure for our rebranded party. We need a strong foundation that can carry our campaigns and candidates forward into future elections as we set our plans in anticipation of next May and beyond.

Today, I’m writing to ask you to be a part of that structure.

We believe that the first crucial step to building that successful structure is to form a team of County Campaign Co-ordinators (CCC) across the country. These voluntary roles will be an essential conduit through which our Head Office team can pass information to grassroots campaigners and most importantly, will enable those same campaigners to feed back first-hand accounts of how our campaigns are progressing.

Alongside this vital communications role, our CCC’s will be given access to campaigning materials for candidates in their area and will be tasked with ensuring that our resources are targeted to ensure maximum effectiveness.
One of the truly wonderful things about our journey together last year was that we were able to combine hugely experienced political campaigners with supporters who had never been actively involved in politics before. We hope that the same will be true this time. Any supporter is welcome to put their name forward for a role with the confidence of knowing that everybody will get the training and support they need to make a success of the position.

The Brexit Party is growing into the next phase of its existence and your involvement will be crucial to helping with that growth.

Apply now, help us to take a stand and in the process, be a part of building an election-winning party for the future.
With best wishes,


Richard Tice

A County Campaign Co-ordinator.
Gosh......I wonder how much that costs?
Because his great video exposures of the corrupt farces taking place every day in the EU supposed parliament, truly showed how utterly useless the EU was/is and persuaded those with any intelligence (and no vested interest in the ponzi scheme) to vote to leave and stop our £billions being used to line the pockets of the apparatchiks who run it!

@ ViolatorOfVirgins

I am curious for the "dislike", are you saying NF did not tell the truth about the farcical EU's antics in Brussels , or the huge salaries & perks the unelected apparatchiks get?
Nige has just popped up in my Facebook feed, fronting some investment scheme.
Fortune & Freedom...
It looks like a winner, but it doesn't look like an investment scheme.

'Free' daily email on financial matters.
Be interesting to see which financials they puff.
Still, they will be cast iron certainties if Nige recommends them.
You're all going to upset some people around here for talking about "Our Nige" like that.