Farage, the morons messiah....

You'd know all about stupid, seeing as you're the very epitome of it.
How's your head dobber doing with so much belt driven button bashing (by Baggers, who repeatedly decries such "acts of mongness", the naughty little hypocrite).

You and your bum chum Happy nomad have doled out nearly 100 today between you.

When was the last time you were with a woman, unpaid?
It’s always the shouty minority that protest. The silent majority never shout about things - it’s not the British way. That’s why we have things like Rotherham, the biased broadcasting corporation, cake shops being prosecuted for refusing to bake cakes, transsexual athletes competing against women athletes and all the other w@nk that this country promotes to the detriment of the silent majority.

This is all about the vote. 17.4m of them.
Have you managed to notice any patterns here?
Yes. The one where you get your arse handed to you every time you try to post fake news from Project Fear. Let's just remind ourselves of the @FORMER_FYRDMAN stages of descent....

The Graculus descent into internet hell usually has six distinct stages:

1. Initial inaccurate and unwise assertion mixed with anger, ignorance, vehemence and arrogance in equal measure.
2. Defence of said assertion with an over-reliance on internet links he doesn't understand until, inevitably, overwhelmed by a data barrage from the better informed, the more experienced and the more lucid.
3. Desperate seizure of a minor non-point in order to create a diversion.
4. Ever-briefer random responses to reduce the exposure of his limitations.
5. Embarrassing levels of monosyllaballism/emergency banter in the face of sustained ridicule.
6. Abject defeat.

Back to Stage 5 and......
You are a very sad individual. Quiet as a mouse offline I'm sure. Internet bullies always are
Another thing you have expertise in, eh? Keep taking the stupid pills. Oh, you could PM your lover re this post, just to keep the dumb button exercised. Pair of failures.
Good article, which concentrates on Banks here: The Chaotic Triumph of Arron Banks, the “Bad Boy of Brexit”

Nothing new, just all together.
I did like this.

A spokesperson told me that Banks’s and Bilney’s stories had “changed over time,” and that what they told the commission was “not consistent” with company records. (Bilney says that this “evolvement of response” can be ascribed to the commission’s failure to understand “our business structures.”)
Calm patience disentangles every knot.

Oh, I have just been laughing.

Just got to the bit where Bank's wife appeals to Mike Hancock. I mean how lucky she lives in Portsmouth where the local MP has such a helpful interpreter girlfriend (allegedly).

If you fancy a chuckle, pop Ekaterina Zatuliveter into a search engine.

By the power of Jesus*, I declare you guilty of being Russian spies.

*well James Jesus Angleton, but he saw Russian spies everywhere. Except in Kim Philby. Whoops.
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