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Farage, the morons messiah....

Nigel Farage: the armistice was the biggest mistake of the 20th century
Not only the saviour of the UK from the evil EU empire and the hordes of foreigners nicking our benefits and healthcare. He is now also pumping his ego up to cover WW1 military strategy, the UK's military capacity in 1918, German psychology, and Weimar economics. Not to mention promoting military sacrifice in excess of 6 figures.
Keep giving the used car salesman the mic for long enough and the guard was bound to slip, he is not bright enough to converse beyond soundbites.
The epically gullible minority will no doubt be along shortly to accuse me of dissing their prophet, and being in the pay of the EU for pointing out he is semi-literate prosthetic to their own failures in life.
Crack on
Anyone seen the op?

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